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,/ <br /> . . . .. <_ � <br /> �i, • . <br /> , . � <br /> � <br /> � " <br /> , . . <br /> �estate of which I �taq die seized or possessed, or over Which I nny <br /> ha�e the power of disposition or appointment, or to which I may be <br /> o entitled, including real, personal and mixed property, of evezy kind <br /> tahatsoever and wheresoever situated, to i�a�el Kelley, my sister, <br /> of Grand Island, Nebraska, provided she is living at the time of my <br /> death, My said sister, :IaDel s:elley, is also sou�etimes known as <br /> Ciflza i�fabel �elley, Gnci s:l� is one a;a t':�e san�e perscn. <br /> 6. In t;�a eva;�t t:-�at �:,a said ;��abel `eiley, n�y sister, <br /> is not livinc at the tir�e o: r..y oea�:�, then � give, aevise and be- <br /> queath, absolutely and in Lee sin.��le, all o: t;�e sai� rest, residue <br /> and remainder of ry rro�erty and estz�e to ��'yr�ie Bat�helor, my <br /> sister, of Windsor, i�iissouri , Frovided s:.e is ��ving at the time <br /> of my death. <br /> 7. In tne ever,t �ha� nai�:�er tile s�iid ::yrt�e Batchelor, <br /> nor the said t�iabel ::elley, my sisters, are living at the time of <br /> my death, then an;y i-� `hal even+ T niv�>, c1e�•ise a:ld bequeath, ab- <br /> solutely and in fee sim�le, all oT til•� said rest, residue and te- <br /> matinder of my property and estate to tne lawiul aescendants of the <br /> aaid Myrtle Batchelor, and per stir�:es and not per capita, living <br /> at the time of my death. <br /> 8. I aR� not unmindful of thf� fact trat I have other <br /> heirs and relatives now living, wno i:ave not been specificially <br /> mentioned herein, but for reasons which I deen, surficient, I have <br /> � mt�de no provision fer theM in tnis will. <br /> , IN WITNESS 'v1HERE0F, I have here unto signed my nam� this <br /> �fi'�" day of July, 1961, in the �resence of the undersigned attest- <br /> ing ritnesses, who are both residents of Hal1 County, Nebraska, and <br /> trho� I h8ve requested to siqn as sucn witnesses. <br /> wiTxEssss: <br /> 0 <br /> �/U�--� ' e . anna <br /> The foregoinq instrument, consisting of four (4) type- <br /> aritten pages, the next included, the first two pages b�aring on <br /> �>:��' p� 3. <br /> i�-= _ _::�. . <br /> � - � 4< _ .;.J <br />