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_ � <br /> HALL C011N1Y, NEBRqS�(q <br /> LL AND TESTAMENT OF �� ��� <br /> I,AS'T WI 1►�0 r/ <br /> i � )96t <br /> HAZEL R. HANNA ;� �%" <br /> -- �:,...�'�� <br /> KNOW ALL NZEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That I, Hazer'It�'.`���, <br /> beinq a resident of and tlaving legal domicile in Grand Island, Hstll <br /> County, Nebraska, and being of sound and disposing mind and memory, <br /> do hereby make, publish and decla�e this instrument to be my Last <br /> Will and Testament. <br /> 1. I hereby cancFl, r.�voke and annul all prior wills <br /> and codicils made t�y re at any ti�;e neretefore. <br /> 2, I hereby appoint i�iabel �:elley, my sister, of Grand <br /> Island, Nebraska, as executrix of this will. I request that no <br /> bond or surety shall be required of ner, iF she serves as such <br /> executrix. The �xecutrix, exe�utor, administrator with will annexed, <br /> or other legal representative cf my estate, and whether male, fe- <br /> male, or corporate, snall hereafter be referred to q�nerally in the <br /> aingnlar masculine, as :ry �x�ct:t-�r . <br /> 3. I hereby authorize a11d empower my executor to compro- <br /> mise or arbitrate any claims for or against my estate, to abandon <br /> property not dee�ed worth saving; and to sell, �onvey, transfer, <br /> assign, lease, r�nt, and inv ,st or reinvest, the whole, or any pazt <br /> o� my real , person�l or mixed ;rc��erty and estate, in any manner, <br /> to any extent, on any terms, and at any time. In making any sale <br /> of my real, personal or mixecl prcYerty, as above provided for, I <br /> e�ressly authorize my eVecutor to sell, witn or without notice, <br /> for cash or party upon credi'�, at auction or at private sale, and <br /> in such manner and upon such terms and conditions as he deems to <br /> be for the best interests of my estate. Any payment or distribut- <br /> ' ion to a minor, or to a perscn under legal disability, or to a <br /> person not adjudged incompetent, but who, i�y reason of inental, phy- <br /> sical or emotional disability, in the executor`s discretion, shall <br /> be unable to wisely use such payment or distribution, may be made <br /> l�age 1 c�f my Last Will and Testament_ <br /> / � <br /> az . nna <br /> Iaeitials of Witnesses�_�� �`"�J�'= <br /> �.:; __. , ,,.� <br /> � <br />