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to hold the same forever. <br /> (2) I give, devise and bequeath to my daughter, Ella Luth, <br /> the real estate described as Lot Four (4) , Block Two C2) , <br /> Better Nomes Subdivision to the City of Grand Island, <br /> Hall County, ?��ebraska, and the Southeast Quarter of the <br /> l�orthwest Quarter (SE4TN,t�} and the i`lortheast Quarter of <br /> the Southwest Quarter (NE.��:1�) of Section Twenty�-eight, <br /> Township Ten (10), 2dorth, Range I�:ine (9), �yest of the <br /> 6th P. i:i. , Ha11 County, I��braska, <br /> (3) _�ny livestock or mdchinery or interest in livestock or <br /> machinery owned by me at the time of my death, I aive, <br /> devise and bequeath to my son, Lawrence Kroeaer, to have <br /> and �o hold the same forever, <br /> (4) t'�11 of ���e rest, residue and rem�nder of my estate, not <br /> nereir. specifically ctevised, sho�,�ld. my Tfliie not survive <br /> me, I qive, devise and �equea�i�, share and share alike, <br /> to my sons, �lvir� ��roeger, �-<arvey rroe�er, and L3U�rence <br /> F:roeg�r and to r1y daughters, :'attie �c'�ult� and �lla Luth <br /> to have and tc hold �he same for�ver with the r�r*�her pro- <br /> visic:l that my sor., Laz.rence �roeqer, shall ?�ave tha fir:t <br /> c��>L-ion to puxchase all real es�ate owned by r.�e ar.d nct <br /> speci�ically cievised and beinc� a part of the residue of <br /> -�v es��ate or� t�e roileti��inc T�rms and conditions; i=.ze saic <br /> L��rence I��roec�er �nalJ. fil� ��ith tne cou_rt havin� juris- <br /> diction in tne ma�-er zai�3�in sir�ty days after the az-poin�- <br /> ment o� rt�= execu�or, a wri�ten notice oi �lec^icn �c , <br /> ��urc�:as� sai�i real estate. tpop the filing oi such no-�ic�, <br /> ?�'1th1P fi @ �iTi!E.' ��iT'.�'i.tld�2t�� ���� .jUQO"C� Of �tl@ COL'tY'�� i13�71I1�J <br /> jurisdic��on s�;ali na�e '�:ree ciiU?n`eres�ed competeni <br /> r��al es�a�e a��-raisers .�1i�c s�all for�����i�n �.pprais� said <br /> Z'R3� ES��3�� O; `�lL'� '�dS15 Oi �t'�� L31r V31.Lc +nPY�?Ci ds Cf <br /> d.a�e or my deathh anci �n�t' s�all �:��re�.�;ti;on ~:a�e �:�eir <br /> iinain`�s ir �aritin.� su;��crib�c� _o bJ all �hree appraiser.� <br /> dT:C: iti1'�'_��jSE.C: 1��.7 :c3.1� ..Ol�^:j' .;i'C'_C%P 1i�:_.�;.^� SiZd�1 �� F11LG'i <br /> ii; ��1C' �YOCc'�C�1.TiC5 'rll��ll�"i �li�G`�':: C�d.j`S di�2r SUCi't 3�i.QlI1T •. <br /> , + = r �rs a-�a ti���:_i�ir �i,ree �onths '=�ereaf��r <br /> l:i�`L�_ Oi '�,�':3 3X?��Y'31S <br /> _�i@ 3diC` i,31+�T�::C'? 'L'IOt?G2].- S}Z:il� �-i,J TO +�1L' 21�Cli�OT �i12 <br /> �lii.� d�_i0"�i1� SC 1`Ci1P.C: ���2 d;IC1 ?�J1E,-"_�2L:tyCP. Sl?Ci1 8X�-�.CU�br <br /> „_1:3�� c:1�=CL'_�., 3 :'EE'C� CC::'�•Bj'i?':t7 �lt1c �G Sd1Cl i��2MiS2S �O <br /> T�a,�ren � -_rce�:er -;�is �;�tion c= L�.:��.ase shall be <br /> �ra.l-ed^on'1�, �c �he said Laws�^c� �',-oec,er and i` he .:Ao:�s <br /> J.^v"� L?:'c:��::=�� �1:t`', Ovi1Ci: J�G T'�=YC�:3..�2� =iLE'_1 5d1C7. :C@di 'c'.5�:��e <br /> :.�:d.l�. i�%35S d3 �L�:��liid..''"JGV�� �OV�'_%.CQ l�i :C�t:d�i ;�ial'2S �^v <br /> . " � <br /> �;-,,�� ii4` rar�.e� �e:,=��iciari�s, ���oula ���e sai� Lasra,-�nce <br /> __YC�%`c,'t @X21`CiSz Li�� O;�_G:i ��C NllT'C'idac� it�3 Si1311 �1�:.F��<Jl�� <br /> �; `, � <br /> tir:3I2 �.S Oi�e^= O� ��i�; � " ?'-:t?=1�_^.1�T'1:S 1?1 P-�v ��E' L �TOCE?E,'G_S <br /> _ �=i V,� G <br /> y r � L � r i�, <br /> `Yc�:: `ne sale �h e f. ;.-,; e_=-�cu _cr ,-:'_a_1 _��rn; s� a.:�_ <br /> �� �-, �. 1 +; -�� � -ro o;�= � <br /> :. racts s_ o�rrirc: ^ar=a �able � _o _ �r�___s s and a11 <br /> e'rpenses _nciden-�.1 tR�r,��o s'�a�1 .��� ;aitt o��'� c� �`�:� <br /> 1`2S1C1'.:F3 01 %_�ir� F';1�c�1Q. <br /> �'1�;`�-� <br /> T;, '_'�=� <.=;ven'� anjr o� ^�;� children ;:rececae :T?e i:; dea��,r leavinc. <br /> is�.�:� or 1:,.�;a11�,• adc�;'�ed c�_ilCren sur�rivin�, ;�rosisions r?ade for trese <br /> chi i�irer or �ir.e stiiall _n,o;� lapse b�:t s'?a17_ nass and descend to such _ssue <br /> /s/ .-_erman ��roe�er <br /> � �� <br />