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LAST UJILL 1�ND TESTA•'IEPdT <br /> OF <br /> KATHE�,IA;E LOEFrELBEII� <br /> I, Katherin2 Loeffel'oein, of Grand Islar.d, Hall County, <br /> ��ebras'_�a, do herewith make, p�lish and declare t�is to be r��r Last <br /> i'�Til l anc't Testamert in r�anner anci form as follo,as : <br /> r I 1�S T <br /> I direct my Executor, hereinafter r:_amed, to pay all oi <br /> my just debts, expenses of last illness, funeral and. an�,- <br /> �:c�enses incidental to tr� adr=inistration of r:;.T estat e as s-�cn. after <br /> ;:�y ���ath as can cc:v21112rt�� 'JE d.n.:�e. <br /> S�CC�:�: <br /> I giv��, devise an:: bequeath to rt- dau�hter, _rcl^res <br /> 1`:i�tt2Yi��rink, T:--�T Y'eS1Cl�Y1C� �Y'J�EY'��T c"l� 1.Ir �,dSt �02I11`?' J"�Y'28t BYla <br /> descri��d as all o� the 'J1�st Fort�,r-one reet ( �� L.If ) oi Lots Gne <br /> (1) and T�vo (2 ) in Bloc'_.c Six (5) in Hanrx 1 s T'r�ird �ddition to <br /> the City of Grand Island, Ii�ll County, T;ec .rasl:a, ar.d ir. ad:�it-�o,�. <br /> tY,�?�eto all househeld furni.shirgs anc' lurniture and. any articles <br /> �i �ewelr;T and clothir.g located in said h.,��s� ar?d on s�i,� pre�r:ises, <br /> to have an;, to hold the sam� foreTrer; <br /> Ti�IRr <br /> ����itr�in _�:� ?rear fr^-:_ a�d after �'��_ ;:ate o�' -��. ;a�at'_�� ancz <br /> � , <br /> �t S 1:1 C�"1 t 1 ri'� 'u L1I'1 _` t���+ n?1� �r rr�r �v="_:�C; �s r� '":a'. 12�'.'- t t C? b c: 11_'I <br /> -V <br /> t,'^..� �,`�St 1:1tc;l"'E;St O- . '�' E'Stc�t�� I CXlY'G^i, 'Y,�,r _;:2C:1� ,= i�G' S;1�j clt„�"li- . <br /> 2L j"!'J;�1:1C 2..L1CV�071 O.'. 7?Y'�Vc�t'� S8�_c� cif? .:�i1 S'..'.�:.�_ t^c.. . S �Pr1 ..:?;1�.1'G1^rS <br /> as h=: .�:�y caee�;: best, a7I o�her real �stat�� .,�.-;ne�� '�>v .-:e at th� f;i;,:.e <br /> 01' ���ti- _ieath 4•rith iu7_1 ri,^ht, an�i aut'_orit�r to exe� �te ?�ec�ssar�; <br /> :�; eds o�� conve��-an.c;, t~�an,�'�r�ri��; s�_�c:7 r�:a�_ �sta.t�, t tr:e r� � �i.aser� <br /> ,�p�n r=sc=�ipt ��' t��� sal� t,rice, ��_�r�is'�i.r; szc.�. p�_�r�}�as;rs a.';�;,tra.ct,� <br /> :"'�'? , � _^s" i_:crk^tc?61G t-i.1� cin;. �i".t? pl:l^(,�'1�S�Y'S S:la�� '.11t ^�;� C�t ,,�,a �.it�`'. <br /> �� C (1..�Zr r)T l ^C�:�i'1`� t'-, CT' G`�=r,cr Y'^,SNO'151;��� � � tiiE. �C)D.i.�Cc�..�l .,''i _ I' <br /> t�.(: Ll';_rr�l-c`1- ::>: P:�-nri�''�.j ;�1;. O�% t�'.�^-, L';.r'C:�2S�P �.r T�.�Y''�_^_2.S�Y':.� t:� ��'lE� <br /> .._::.�.�.�.!.i��'..._ .. ` � . . <br /> i'C�J1�'.lT: <br /> _'I�r N;;'2Ci1tOY S'f?c;l�_ 2•.l S;� C0=`1V2Y't aYi�'' _t;��?" 1��Y'SOt12�1 TJT'0�3�'L'tf <br /> ;n .__ estate, net sp�ci:���ally d�vised, to casi�� an:a ^�_it o=' the <br /> balG�cc. rernaii��rg a�ter rayr.-:er_t oi t'�� i�e�;s set � ..rt', in t'�� ��'IRST <br /> �;-r^; n a;J� , V r ., .._iL'.�_ �.���1'.'?:'1i7� tr�' <br /> �az^a�_,� ���� ' er � , �� s_;a�l na t� :y �n, L,�:,-" � � <br /> �tJ:'� Cf' �r,?,1��''.i.Qli' v'` c0"':�`2rsat:? h�,.. �'.^,r '�i,`�2 .:.a'_"`. �GV';?"s �� ''l;s :,�i^nG <br /> 1;"' ,�:� c1Y1_l� a11 Gi t�`l� i�SL � Y'�."�..I.C'�E3 clI":C. T'�"��-u.'..:_�;ci' t.':::�'F�7i. t`,i�Yi <br /> 1^�'^';alp1_?`=�;� I �1V�� :��V1S`� ai-_� D�QU.;��t:r: c�S I'��_'�i`l� : '�rE—i,hli� <br /> t�:�Y'�OS t".`: :"il�' S':i_Z� !'_llt•'>p LOei''GZ'C.�i1.21i OrE;—t.�"I�T'C.i tZ2Y':;')i t7 , •.r lal_irr;t.,.',7'� <br /> I''�I�� �c;t:?T'S� c�?1.1 ">:i:�_l,"'lY'(� t�7�:r'::!7T t' r':iT '7c�'_1Q'rt,2T'� ��lO�a L'an?,C:::C�y <br /> c:r!i..l i�c r }7�.J��c1?�i;�e T�1�O�C;Y'�� T��"�Yl�<.�-.'i' �� _n t t, i�1-1�,-: %�,�' �p� `�,� <br /> , t, the � q�..z s . �_ �r ra, <br /> t�} i,h�w; as ,;�int tenants ar_�; n„t as t.�r.ant� ;n c�-�r��or_, , <br /> F IF TH <br /> If any of �-y children snould prere�e me ir, death l�a�;�in� no <br /> spouse or children, either issue c�r le�ally ad�pted chilciren sur- <br /> vivizz�;, the provisions �^.erein made for such cl:ild shall tn�n Iu.�se. <br /> I�' any �:f' my cililJ-rer_ preceo� �2 in death lea�ring a spouse i�ut n� <br /> issl�e or le�allz� adopted chil dren survivin�, the spouse shall receive <br /> � ���irs� i�atl�eri�e Loe�-el�ein <br /> i `,:� <br /> r - <br />