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,M.,.: . <br /> IId �H� �a�NTY �aU�T 4F �i�L ��tT�TY, IdEB�tAS�A ' <br /> �I3 TH� �AT'TF,�t i}F T�i� EST��� I <br /> aF <br /> � - D E C R E E - <br /> GLENN DFtVIS, Deceased � <br /> Thi� ma�tex� carne nn for hearing on the „�'� d�g of Aug�st� <br /> 1g62, on the PeLition of Jos�phine Orvi�, fcr � determination of <br /> inhsritance t�x and the evidence,' the Petiti+�ner being prese�.t in <br /> Court and represented by �ouns�l ar�d ths Ct�uxt having heard the <br /> evidence and being fully advi8ed in �bg Pr'�►�8�� f�.r►ds tl�at all assets <br /> i�volved are located in H�11 CfltiTl'��*s Nebrask�, and that the County <br /> Attarney of Ha11 County, Nebr�ska, has executsd and filed a Waiver of <br /> NQtice upon him to s2�ow cauge, or of the ti�ae and pl.ace of hear�ng, <br /> and has entered a volur�tary appearaace in these proceeding� in behalf <br /> of the County af Hall and State of Nebraska and further finds �h�t <br /> the only persQn against whom an inheriLance tauc �ay be assessed is <br /> the Petitioner herein. <br /> The Court further finds that the ss�id Glenn Orv3s d�ed flctober <br /> 2�, 19b1, in Hall County, Nebra�ka, being at said time a resident� af <br /> said county; that the Petitioner is �he wido�,r o� said deceased; tha� <br /> at the time c�f his death said deceased was nat gossessed af araS• <br /> property sub�eet to administration in the State af Nebraska, but �as <br /> the owner' tagether with the Peti.ti9ner as �oia�t ten$nts, of the <br /> following described property, tc�-wit: <br /> Lcyts Five (S) and Seven (?) , $lock Fleven (11) , in <br /> College Additian to West Lawn ir� tha City of Grand <br /> Tsl�nd, Ha].1 Ca�nty, Nebraska. <br /> The Court further fir�ds that the above described real �state, <br /> being the residential prapert3' of de�edeat and Petitioner, was vf the <br /> fair and reasanable market va3u� at the tiu►e of the death of the <br /> decea�ed o� less than �10,000.00. That decede�t w�s posse�sed of no <br /> a�ha�e prop�rty �nd that the decedent duri�g hi� lifetime did not <br /> canvey any p�Qpe�ty in trust op othe� in eontemplation of death <br /> or in�ended ta taks effeet in passession or en�oy�ent efter d�ath, and <br /> neithv�r ths Pet3.tioner no� anp perscn became entitled to any property <br /> by reasan Qf ths death of �aid d�ce�sed, e�ccspt as above found, and <br /> th�t all pf such prop�rtp, bc�th real estate and persansl pr€rperty, is <br /> ..i- � �� <br /> . • <br />