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I�;ECREl��W�_.. .._,..._.._.,___..___.,.e__...._.. ,.__..,._..-------- ----p�,ge Sev�n <br /> Th� Caurt fuxther finda that all of the real e�kate of whfch the Decesaed <br /> e3ied s�eized �d poasessed ha� been �old at partitian sale, <br /> The Cou�� further finde� that the heirs �.t 1aw and next c�f kin, bane- <br /> f�ciaries and ��vi�eee a€ �aid i�eeeaeed, are ae follows: <br /> �. lwi. Faley� widower, Box 353, Mission, Tex�se <br /> ]vv4.artin 3aseph Foley (:�xec�tox). son. Box 353, IvS.isafon, Texa.�; <br /> 1�Yary Fay� Fol�y Purcell. dau�hter, 2 �treet, iN"oxc�stcr 3, <br /> Ivlaesachusette; <br /> Irene �'oley lviatthews. daughter, 1503 S�xril.ap, IvZfs�sion, 7C�xas; <br /> MargarEt Faley Vi'illiama, daughEer, 7b02 Greendowns, Houston 17s <br /> Te�a�; <br /> Maatex Sg�. James K. Foley, �2etired, san, :E�,Uo �ox 2016, <br /> c/o American Emhagsy, Balboa. Canal Zone. <br /> 'That all of said h�irs are of lega.l age a.nd competen�. <br /> Th� Court further find� that Inheritance 'I'�.x h�ar�n�; has bees� h.a.d an�3 <br /> that no Inheritance Tax ia due in �aid Estate; that Federai x;state Tasc �eturn <br /> i�as been filed �.nd that no Federal E:�ta�e Ta3:as aYe due 3a� �aici E�ta,te. <br /> The Court �urt�er €�.md� that the €inal s�ccaunt fileci hereirz bgr tize <br /> k xecutcsr is just, true and cmrrect and should be approved, <br /> �he Gourt further find� that no#ices have beer� pe�.bi�ehed and ncstices <br /> of heaxing in said E�tate have been giv�n by mafling a copy of the publish�d <br /> notice tc> all interastsd parttes� a12 in the mann�r and ae provided by lawa <br /> IT IS THEREFURE ORDE7�2.EA� ADJI��c. --: .�.�3� 17f�CRFEU }3Y THE <br /> COUFtT that the final repc�zt of Martin Jo�eph F'oley, F�.eeutor h;exeinp <br /> 9hould be �.nd ia hep+�hy ir� �li thinge confir�neds 8.�'►j)Y'OY"L`C�,s anii ailovs+�d; <br /> th�st a11 cl�im�, i# any there �e nvt filed, ahc�uld be and are k�ereby forever <br /> barrec3. <br />; <br /> � ; <br />�,"� ;� <br /> ,.:?,ry�.' � <br /> N�,t'�..s,�i,: ..........:.. y. ..-.. r�:�..;, �. �:-.�,,.*,.� _ ;k'� .r.i[i�:5 }.':�} 1 ` "M' J -�' <br /> . _ .�r......a <br /> ..:..;, �... . �.. <br /> � $�1'r <br />