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iTE�:R�::E----•------------------�_�.__�.._..___-_-_--__.._.._.._�'�:�e F`i�ve <br /> I1�J TH� i�r'�TTER �F TH� �:�T�T�: U3�' J <br /> �.�.�y p�x� �'a��y, } <br /> �8���s��, ) <br /> I, 3ohn �. Ray, Co�anty Judge� in and for s�i� �.a�ntq, d.�s <br /> hexeby certify that on this 2$th day af �ctober, A.�. 19E►1, tkee <br /> fne�tr�rr�erst purportin� to be a� �.uthentic�ted copy of ti�e laat will <br /> a�ad te�t.�ment c>f the s�id Mary �,nn Fc�ley. deceased, w�aich rrva�s <br /> filed iA t.ksis �o�rt. on the �sth day of Septembex, �. I3. I9b1, and <br /> bein� the inatnirnent to �ah�ch tlsis is annex�d. �aas c�ily gr�sved, <br /> a�proved. probated and a2low�d, �� an authentica�ed copy c�f t�� <br /> la�st will and teeta,�nent �f the aaid Mary Ann Folty. decea.sed, in <br /> ar�d fr,r the state of Nebraska; and it waa ordered to be reco�°dea� <br /> in the records of the County �ourt �f8re�ardm <br /> IN �ITNESS �'H3�REUF, 1 have h�reunto ��t x�y �a�� �.�� <br /> the eeal of eaid Eounty Court. at I-�asti�g$, �x� ��� ��Y �� <br /> j t�ctoR��r. A. L3. 1961. <br /> {�/ John k.:, .�ay' <br /> S�;AL. 3ud�o af Lh� t��unty Court " <br />�i <br /> I `�'hat Qn #he lbth day of E:.3�tabex, 1961, the ��.i�. Avz��tix� ,�oseph. Foley <br />' w��s apgointed, qua:lified, becama. continued ta be, an� ha� been �,t �ll t�.r��e <br />� �i�ce, and �e now tk�e duSy appointed, c�u�aliiied and a�ting �,�scutor of �a3d <br />� <br />� ��'..'�t�t�o <br /> 'T�iat sli of the property and ot�aer assets that carn:e a�ito the posffiessior, <br /> of saic! �x�cutc�r �re as sbow� by Lhe Invent+�ry and F°ina.l �epc�rt �,ereirs; <br /> th�t �� hs�s paid alI �ndebtedneav agaiaffit �sis� �state and a3I claia�as. <br /> '�'hat th� defieiency herein p�id €�y E. �+t. �'aley h�� beer� sv�ive� <br /> there i$ no rris�ney on hand for distzihution �t t,lii� time; that a. balance ie <br /> �tiil �lue anci payable in said �;etate fram �h� A�3minietrato'� o€ t�i� ���ate of <br /> "�;artin VV+i". Conroy, 1Jeceased. in the agproxianate ax�o�t t�f $�3�OtA�?,ti(}, <br /> 'The Court furtt�es finde thai said 13ecea��d €3ied seia�eci �.�d peresessed <br /> �f ttx.m folla^�ring de.crf�ied real estate. #�ca-wits <br /> . ,�:.F <br /> x �.y <br /> r� h'.;.,,,.:, ...,, ...,,,,a,. _:. Y, , ;:a,.,.,. ..... �. . .,�-.;-., � - .k. " --xa._-- J b/` <br />