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. _ .. . . . _ ..�... � <br /> ooaseated and e�greed that said final report mfs�ht be approved by the <br /> oourt aad said eatate adJudged Pinally settled and said eaecutriz <br /> diaoherged without any notice to them. and no ob�eatioas being made to <br /> th� approval of said report or cause ehown why said estate ahould not be <br /> ad�udged rinally settle,� . And the Court being fully advissd in the <br /> premises. <br /> Zt is therefore ordered, ad�udged and decreed by the Caurt that said <br /> report be approved and recorded. <br /> It is 1'urther ordered that said estate be ad�udged fullp and finalTy <br /> settled and said executria released and discharged f rom all further <br /> Qntiea or liabi�ities connected therewith. <br /> A. T. Lardin <br /> Judge <br />� <br /> _ _�__ . <br /> ���� <br />