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g,� IT R�IdBERED, That heretofore to-wit: On the �4th day of 1�ebruarT, <br /> �. D. 1903, the same being one oi the days of the Jaauary Tera of the <br /> Probate Court of La Salle Couaty in the State oP I!llinois, the follawing, <br /> uong other prooeedings, �rere by said Court had and entered of record to-wit : <br /> state of Illinois ) In the Probate Caurt thereof. <br /> ) gs <br /> County of LaSalle.) January Term. A.D. 1903. <br /> Emtata of � <br /> Hermann Brunner, deceased.) Final order. <br /> This fla� comes Rosa Brunner, Szecutria o2 the last will and testement <br /> oi Herm�an Bruaner, dec9ased, and presents to the 'oourt her report sud <br /> a000unt in said estate for the f inal settlement thereof. And it appee�ring <br /> to the Court from due ezamination o2 the eame together �►ith previoue <br /> reports and the filea in said estate that all the n9aets of said eatate <br /> haPe been eolleateQ and aaco unted for; that the P uneral ezpenses of <br /> testntor haQe beea paid; that no claims have been Piled agaiast eaid <br /> eatate; tbat the oourt aoate, ezpense$ of admini�trat�on e,afl inheritaaos <br /> taz hav� been ful�y �did leaPing in the hands oi said ezeautria the eam <br /> of #1,175.50, which eaid ezecutria takes as ,the sole devia'ee and legetee <br /> oader seid will; that more tha.a two years have elapsed since the f irst ; <br /> iesnin.g of letters herein and that said estate ia ',naw ia c�onditioa for <br /> tinal settlement; that the said testator, Hermann', Bruaner 'left him <br /> �nr�i�ina anid Raen Brunner, his widow, and �'lora:', Brennema�an, Roa• A. Brunner <br /> SiQonia E. Brunner, and Camilla Brunner, his children� as',hie onl� hsira <br /> at law aad nezt or kin who are the only persoas intereated in anid eatate� <br /> tll of whoa ha�e entered their Qppe arance herein in writing, wai�ing the <br /> ser�iae, mailing and publication of any aotice of'',nnal settlement, nnd <br />