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/ <br /> I <br /> . ::�� I <br /> . . •� � . „�� I <br /> I, Herman Brunner, of the City of Peru, in the � <br /> Cou.aty of La Salle and State oP 111inois, do hereby � <br /> inake publish and dealare this Instrument to ��, <br /> '�'. <br /> be my last will and testament (hereby revoking �, <br /> any former will by me made) -viz: � <br /> First , that all legal debts end obli�ations against <br /> me or my estate be paid, as soon as ;racticable. <br /> Seco nd, that all that shall remain oP my Estate, I <br /> real, persoaal, miaed or other wise ot every kind <br /> or nature whatsoever, I give devise and be queath <br /> to my wiPe Rosa Brunner her heirs, or assigas <br /> absolutely, and in f ee simple. <br /> Third, I hereby �ppoint m� said v►iPe, above <br /> named, P�cecstria of this my last will and <br /> testament, waiving bonds or security oP any kind <br /> for the eaeoution of this will. <br /> Xitness my hand and seal this �ventp fourth- <br /> day oi January, A. D. 1887. <br /> Herman Brunner (3ea1) <br /> The foregoing Instrument in writing, was at the date <br /> thereof, signed, sealed, published and declared by <br /> the said Herman Brunner, as and f or his last <br /> will and testament, in preaenca of us, who et his <br /> request and in his presence and in the presence <br /> and in the presence of e aeh other, have aigned <br /> our namee hereto as atteating witnesses. <br /> H. M. Gallagher Residing at Peru, I11$. <br /> T. K. �olme8 M n n n <br /> - _ � <br /> '� ��_. <br /> >.�" � <br /> ��1 <br />