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' . � <br /> „ <br /> IN TFiE C�UNTY COURT GF HALL CC�UTd'TY, N�BRt15K?� <br /> I3V' THE M.�.TTER OF THE ESTA�'E ) ' <br /> ) , <br /> OF ) 1?ECR EE 'DETERMINING :iH�IRaT�itI1� <br /> ; <br /> �1VL?RE?�5 HEBEL, a/k/a ) <br /> �NI?FtEW HEBEL. i?eceased. } ' <br /> Now on this //�uay of , 1962, this rn�atter �ars�e on fo� <br /> � ' <br /> ��aring on the �:etiti4n of Meiita H, Ritey, the present flwner and holder of the fee <br /> sirs�ple title to the withf� descrtbed rea.l �;roperty, for t�e determiz�atian af heirstni� <br /> of the e�tate of Andreas �iebel, alsa k�own as l�.ndrew Tiebel, decea�ect, anc3 wa� <br /> submitted to th� �ourt; Ivfetita H. Ritey appeared by Harxy C;rira�rnin;:�ez°, �sne �f �.er ' <br /> attorn�ys. <br /> It a�pearing from the record� ar�d fites of said matter that z7gtice uf �h� <br /> time and place fiXed for the hearing on such �etition laa� been �iv�n �y rubti�atie�,� <br /> t�ereflf as by order of said Court heretofore macte and enteresi, whe���:,:o� a certi,4i�d <br /> cs�py of �etermination of He[rsht�; in the abave-entitled mat�ex frorn the �r4b�te Cc�#art <br /> of La Salte County in the StaEe of Illfno[s was presented La the Court. <br /> Cn consideraiion of the svidence the Court find� that .3n�x�a�s I�ehei �3�- ' <br /> 1 arted this life iateetate an th� Z1th da}r flf Novembar, I�a6�', that said, �?r�dre�as rsb�'1 <br /> aE the date of his death was an tnhabitanE and resitien� s�;f th�, Gounty of i..� �alie anc� ' <br /> �tate of Iltfnois and �3ied setsed o� an eatate af i�heritanee in the fotiawing-d�;scz�ib�ca <br /> real eatate: ' <br /> �n undivided one-half interest in and te: <br /> The Southwe�t �uarter of Section 'I'hirt�e;n <br /> (13), Townahip Ters {10) North. Range �ine (9) <br /> Weat of the 6th p. m. County of Hall and :3tate �f <br /> 14�ebraska <br /> That moxe than two years have elapaed since the da�� flf the' death of eaid �3.ndreas <br /> Hebel and no ap�lication far the appointrrrent of ac� administr,ator of hi� estate isas , <br /> been made in thie �CaLe by anp heirs or persoas cl�iming to,be ereciitars of said <br /> decea�ed. 'Y'hat said pr�mtees did not cct�s�itute th$ harneateasi af saicl d�cede�t. <br /> That Karolina Hebei waa the widow ot said Andreae Hebel and that fi.ndrew Hebel, <br /> ' ,' <br /> .�;� 3I: <br /> _ .., �_.,. _..w._ . .,�,_<.��.A:_,.�,�,F:n, ,.T .a::�: ��._���,�t.. �. .�, -�������_=_�� �*�,.t� <br /> ,� � ��� .� -�.;i <br />