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, i <br /> _ p .. <br /> fiHIftD <br /> The Court flzrthe±�- finds that on the 9t,h day oi Febr�aary, 1962, said instrument <br /> was prc�ven, ellaved and aci�itted to probate aa the lsst vill snd testacaent of <br /> ;m�nn� Me°;�urnm, deceased, which vill. is in words as follows: <br /> "LA�ST WILL AND T�TANlENT <br /> o� <br /> � �cr�Vaarr <br /> I, F,m�aa :�c�,ucnrn� of Loup City� Nebraska, being oY souad mind and me�ar3r, do <br /> �^:ak�, gu�alish and d.ecLare this to be c� 1�rst w3.11 and testnment, '�erebs rpvcl�ing <br /> �Z�. f ormer wilis by me made. <br /> Firsts 2�'iy e�escutrix hereinafter named shall pay s11 of r�Y �ust debts and <br /> fG�aeral �a��r:h�s< <br /> :;ecor:d: M�� �A:ecutrix shr11 �ell and co�Qert 8Z1 the remainder ef rr,,� estatE <br /> inta ea�h9 �ellin� either at public auction or private sale as she r�y deer,: �est� <br /> �� sao:� a�ter my �ecease as mav �e expedient �or the purnose af ;,.ak;.n;- ��:�t.r,i�u+ion <br /> th�reflf under the terms of this, r�r last will and testa�ent. I hereby �ive anc <br /> grani, unto �.er £ul? �rnaer and authcr±�•ity to r.t�ks �?1 prvgsr zr.strueu:nt: oi c:u�_, r.- <br /> �:ent and deeda of conv�yance therefor as effectiveiy as I �.�;ht do if living, with- <br /> ou�� firs�L �:at�,i:�in~ ?�censa or permission so to �o from any CQ4T'C or Ju���. <- <br /> �dminis�tx'atQr w�th 'the will anne�ced and any person lawfully appointed ss succeasor <br /> �o *^�; E�ecu+rix `ere;n na�e� ^,?�sl? :�a�e t�e ssme �akers and authcri�,y„ <br /> T_�:ird. ,ll. t:� renaar.des° af �,�, estate �nclu�nf� the net prcceed� o� F.i:y a:,d <br /> all s�les by my Executrix, her succeaeor or successora, ar any admiuistrator Kith <br /> �e �:�ill Gnr:ex�d� :: gi�,�, ��iss ar,d beque�th to r.zy gr�nd-dau�?�tars, Jo An; P�ie�;�er <br /> and Mary Lou Mc�uor�n, share and share alike. <br /> F'ourths 5hould the saici Jo Ann Meyer die be�ores �e, then her chilcsen 1lving <br /> �� �GC'ic G�.�CB�'.� Oi' their .l"iOt'.�2GT° $rau�.� tfike �.°'i2 $�1&2'�: i %uV� �;�4E�Y1 'tii i.i:E:l.t` ,7tOtii�T`• <br /> ?':i�'�1^: S::oa?d t'_�� said ?;Ury Lou ;ic�uowr� cii� b�Fore me �ritt-�out leavin�, la�aful <br /> 3ssue, then her ��othsr, Iren� i�aQuaWn, $hall take the share xhich T ha� herein <br /> ���n to tY�� said 2:F,x�y Lcu �:cQuooan. <br /> 'L�stly, i a�pcsint ??elen �30��1 aS 9�� South I,ocu�t �treet, C�r6nd Is1«nd� "le��•�ska, <br /> ta be executr� of tha.s, �r last will and testament. <br /> D�ted fi.his 18th day of May 1959. <br /> -_..._.�. <br /> �s/� iic��uown <br /> TP-,as 5.nstrum.ern,t was o� the day oP the date tlaereof, si�;ned� publishev and <br /> declars� by� the said te�tatrix, �ema McQuo�mm, to '�e her last wi11 e�nd testament in <br /> �he presence of u�� �rho at her r�q,ueat have sub�cribed our names t.�er�to as witnes�es <br /> in her pr�aence �nci 3n the presencse of each other snd Who do hereby certify �h�t at <br /> the tirne o� �he �xeeut�on o� ��i,� �ill, the +e�tattix was of soui3d and tiisposin�; <br /> mind and mern€ary ari� Ux�der no r�atr�ir�t. <br /> _� /s/ J�nice F?obsrtson <br /> Loup'��y;Reu'raska "� <br /> ,�� , Carol�' H�il <br /> � Laup�, Nebra�ka+ <br /> ' /s/W. H. Line <br /> oup �3�y, '�e�`ra�'sI`a� <br /> - � <br />