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II�? TfiE CDUN�Y C(�RT �F' HALL CO�iNTY, HEBRASISh <br /> IPT THE MATTE�t OF TH�' ESTATE � <br /> �TAT� �IO. 5980 <br /> OF ) <br /> T�ZNAI� �,�C�i�:E <br /> �.�'i.A i��iq���S�ii� -�.���i��. � <br /> STAT� UF 'r1�c�tSlti.F� ) � <br /> � SS. <br /> CGLTI�1TY CF Ht�LL ) <br /> At a seg��.on o� th� Count3T �curt !:elc; i*� nnd for sFia C�ounty ns Hall, in the <br /> StGt� of i�tebr<sk�, th{.G 5t� d�y of �In13�, 7.°52. <br /> Present: C:harl�s Bossert, County Judge. <br /> Bi� IT R�L��:R:T, fihat ar, the 8th day of June, 19G2, Helen Ach1_, executrix, <br /> :�:i1eo. �erein her £ina3. report as such executri7c, to£vetr�er �rith � x�et�_Lian pra;�inf- <br /> th2t suid repart b� allowed, for r. decree of heirship, deterinination of` ir�tz�ritance <br /> ���:x, order o� fina7 cLstribution and final settlem�nt and diseh�x°�e. <br /> For these ourposes, the �t.h da�T oi Jul.y, 19c�2, at 1C:� otclx�� �!.;:. , in tri� <br /> County Court Roorr� in s�ia cou:��dT =,ass assihr!ed �,s �h� tim� a-r�c'� glace �'Ur he�rin� <br /> saia ;�etiti.or_; Pxa�inin{� and F�1�a�nn saiQ i'��iai x�vozt, an� �+ wa;; or�e�e� ti�at <br /> notice of the pendeticy of �aryd petivioii anc i:eai•in:_ 'c'�ereon �e �iven �� ia�� lsta <br /> re�uire�, �::d ic ����esr� '�y �roof �n iiZe �r�at, ;:otice ��e� �-=ver_ a�: r.rd�red bv �h� <br /> �ca� �.:zc t•hat no o�j=ctior.s tu s��ci f�nel re�ort ?�ave beetz made ar `'�_Iea. <br /> tipon exar�ination of t?:e reco�d ar�d e�idence in thiG mattes° anc ��in�. du7,y ar- <br /> v-iseu :in the premises, the �ourt �inds �s folloia�a <br /> �1�'Si <br /> i--c^'t ..�lfl& ;tCu,;UGWTl CicfJcT�,E� L�":?.�'. �LC Ot7 c��i�l.12T'}' Jy 16�:[y �'.�St2'tP? aTtC 8 <br /> resident of Grsnd .�slar.d, �a21 i;ount3�, i�ebr2ska. <br /> Sz���C�I�iT�, <br /> �hat on the lOth da.y of January, 19�2,� Boi-�� ;:ilea �r� t,t�is ��;;rt tt;e <br /> instru.^.e�iu pur�.ortin�; to �e t�.� will. ar�a 1;estar��ent of. :-,r��;� ;c_�;�owr., cecc-�sed, <br /> ur:d = �.�:,}��tion of�'erin f, seir �i11 *or probate� �rici pFti��onit:� tt.e C�urt to ap�ioint <br /> her as executrix of this estate, and t�hat on the lOth day of 3anuar�r, 1;���, �n <br /> orcler of thi� Court Wae �aade aeaigning the 8th day of F`ebruary, 1962, at 1Ot00 <br /> op�locn A.3�. in tl:e County Court �oom as the time end plece for hear3.rsg said petition� <br /> provin� said wi11, snd �dmitting the aame ta probate and ordering thrt notice of the <br /> pendency of said pet3.tion be given as by law requj.r�d, and it 8ppears by prooP on file <br /> thet notice of such order xas so given. <br /> , <br /> � <br />