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IP7 TH� CUUNTY ��UE?T OF HALL COUN`T'Y, NEBII=aSK� <br /> �N THE I��s'?'TEF? 4F T�IE ES'�'�T� � <br /> ) D E C A � E <br /> OF MABCi��ET PETE�iS, DECEASED ) <br /> This mattar car�e on for hearing on the 'Y9�day of � , <br /> 1962, an the �et5.tlon of Herman C. Peter� fvr deters�lnatio� of <br /> Tr,hErit�nc� Tax and th� evl�e2�Qe, the petition�r beiqg pr�sent <br /> in Gourt �nd represen�cad by cour,sel and �he Cou�t h�ving he�rd <br /> the evidence and b�in�; fully advised in the �re�ises finds tl2at <br /> Geralc3 B. �3aechl�.r, Cotanty -�ttorneur, of H�►il Co�ant�r, tdab��ska, <br /> w�ives notice up�n him to show cause in the �aL�er of Inherltance <br /> Tax in i�he es�nte of i'iar�ax�e� ?eters, deceased, and no eause ::�v- <br /> in� 1x�en shown the Court finds �s follows: <br /> Th�t i;ar�aret Pe�ers dep�rted tnis life i:; Cr�~��na I�;lar.� , Nal� <br /> Cout�i:y, Nebr�aska , on Jun� 12 , �96C , beir.�g at said tlme a resident <br /> of Hai1 Caun�y , �debraska ; th�t the �etlti�ner is t?�e nusb�?�d o�` <br /> sai� aeceased; th�t at tre ti�e cf r_e� deat?: �aid de��asa� :ti�a� t���t <br /> possess�d oi �nY property �:�bject to �dmin�s�ratia� ln �he �ta�,e oi <br /> Nebr�ska , but �t�as the o.aner tog�tner .�!ith retiViorer. as �o�r,t ter,•�- <br /> ant�, �f tre follo�ain� descr,bed pro�ert;,• , t�-wit� �'he sou�h 6 �cres <br /> of the north 21 acres of tn� �L�.- of the �E< o� �t�ction � , "_'oer^;,i�ii� <br /> li North, �3�i.nge 9 ��2e�t of t�e 6tl^ �'.I�. .�all County, 'tie�ras?;a, �+� <br /> surveyed , platted and recorded, whsch x�ronerty, at the ti�e o� the <br /> death of said dece�sed, �a� of the Gnd re�,s�n�b1_e T�rizet v:�lue <br /> of �p3,000.00 • th�t s�id �ece:�s�d f';r-i,� �^er� ?i`_'eti�::e dia n::t �onv�y <br /> , <br /> any �ro�aerty in trust or ot':�er���ise 1n ccz,t��?�ation of deatY� �,r inten- <br /> ded to take effeet ir posse�sior. of erioy�ert af�er 3eat::, ana �eitrxer <br /> tne �etltioner nor anl� nerson aec�e�e ert}.t'_ed t^ �r,�� �ro��ert�T b� rea,- <br /> son of tt�e death of said deceased, excent �Gs a�ove found, and trs�.t all <br /> of said proqerty ls of less v�lue thar. is exempt by law, <br /> IT IS TFIER�FOF?E, CC%ivSI^u�'!?:D, O�LERE�, °.U3'TD{}ED "`^ DEt.B;���, th3t <br /> the�'e `'�s�'tiq= J l�bility for Inherit�ance Tax by reason of the tranafer of <br /> ...y a,�'j� ,i <br /> g�e��qv�� ���Cc�i�ed pro�erty becaus� or tr,e d�at!^ of �a�d dece�Led dnd <br /> .�,; _�: <br /> .T� ��i �. . ..'..`, <br /> ��t t�:e abov� .c�e.scrlbed property passed �o tile su:viv?ng ioirt tena <br /> 4._�. <br /> r���� '� �.. <br /> a�i� €r�e and c3,��r of any inheritanoe Tax. <br /> � <br /> :� .;�`o �., <br /> ,,� ' �`� T�'; COU�T: <br /> � ;�,;a:- c j.. <br /> GO E ^�� <br />