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-3- <br /> IP3 WITN�SS WHF�RFJOF� I ha►e herannto tet gy hat�d and affixe� the seal of the <br /> C�nty Court, this 2ud day of Februaz9, �96�2. <br /> L� Charles Bossert, County Judge" <br /> � aaid �eorm�n Blaracn x�s agpointed e�aecutor upan fUrnish�i.n� bcnd iti t:� ssou^t o� <br /> �St3£�.t70, �hich bond �aae furnished ane, �praved; the court burther �inds thet ti�:ilberi, <br /> F�. Bla�o a�t t.�►e tiaae of hie de�th lef't him eurvivin� as h�.s sole heir-at-la�a, hie <br /> b�ot��er, �1or�an �lanco. <br /> FOUR1`F? <br /> The court ftarther f3nds tl�t or. the 2nd day o� .'�bru�zry, ],962, an order or }?;es <br /> ec�� xa� �de aZlowirag eredi'tors uritil the 28th da� af' F'�y� IS��s w�3t�-�in �ar;icl�. �;c <br /> fi1� c'la�ims �;ain�t this esta'ts, and allowing said executor one y�sar ir. � i�e <br /> s��t1e gaic� est�te, aasc3 �eu�ther arderin� ttz�t ncrti�e to ereditors be oubllshec a� <br /> by 1� z�equir�d, r�tu% tia,�t, � ne�r�n�; on cla�a� f`lled sgainst eaid estste �loata be; <br /> held at t2�e nffi.ce af tt� County Juri�e qf $81I Couuty, Ilebraska on l��y 29, 1962, et <br /> 9s�J ��c�.c�ck A.�i., end 3t appears by proc� on Pile that such notice was publist�ed ms <br /> ord�°ed by tnis eourt. <br /> �'lr`"I'fi <br /> The ecxirt i'urther �'inds thaat on ta�-�� 6th d�,v Qf �'abruar;�, �:�e, i�orr�. �;l�aco, <br /> �xecator, �i7.�d in this caurt h� inv�entary of ttie assets af this estate, witl-� a <br /> cvp� �nereo�` far the Caunty ��seeaar cu Hsll Courrty, ;Vek�rasks, snri fi..hat �,ccar�in�. <br /> �� sFiid a.'rz�rstozy� a��.d deceased d3ed seized and passessed of th� �'oll�ainF; des- <br /> crihed pr�erty� to-�ritt <br /> Lot F�ur {�)� in 81ock Th3rtesn (13)s in tacker aud �arr�s <br /> Adc'.i.tian ta the CiLy of Grand Isl�nd, Nebrmska, and <br /> Itee�s ai �soeial praperty �pecifieal],y deacri.bed in th� <br /> iinretrta��y. <br /> SI�:Fi <br /> The ec�t �urther f3nds that on the 29th day of I�ey, 1962, an order of this <br /> a°nr� waa �le all�itzg claia� mnd b�rtViag ar�y cl,air�s na� her�tofc>re filed� and <br /> �he e a� f�rtb�r fi.nd� thet �e oe�ly c38in altawed hea beem paid, tc�;ether �a�.th �11 <br /> e�t��s of �c'�ini-e�Cr,etion� ir�eludin�g aourt coe�e, arxl Nebraaka inheritance t�c. <br /> �B'qEl�TH <br /> T'he eo�art f�rther �3nda t�t t� 'GoLal groeg �vRlae cf P�3�i"�Y �ub3ect to con» <br /> s�lera�h,��t f� i�rit�a�cte f,rrs purpoa�e t��us in tlie �ar�mat o�t $13'852.69, fra� wh:i,ch <br /> c�dcaat3,t�r�s tc�t�3,ing �6fs�'.]!► are aZla�abls� I,e�v�n� #�e net eate'�,� Ycr it�herit�nce <br /> '�c purpas�� � the �n� o�` $;L��,$�T.S�= tha� the real e�ttdfi� a�sQr�.�ea ebo�s h�d a <br /> . -� <br />