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Il�T THE COUl1't'Y COORT OP' HALL CCANPY�.N�}3RASKA <br /> IAt TK' MATTER QF THE ESTATE ) <br /> ESTATE N0. 5970 <br /> CF ) <br /> FII�'AL �:�R� <br /> ca�,$�r r�. ��wcc, �����. ) <br /> 5T`AT� OF h��SitA ) <br /> : as. <br /> COUNTY QF F?.ALL ) <br /> At a �essian of the County Conrt held in aad for said Connty of Hall, �r• ��!� <br /> State of �Iebraska, thia 28th da�y af June, 1962. <br /> Present: Charles Bossert, County JudE;e. <br /> BE IT iiE'A`��Ei?�.T�, �hat on }une 2gtr: ciay a�' ;'�, 1%�2, iJorra;n :�l�.�co, ehecator, <br /> filed herein ;�is f'inal re�ort as �ct-� ex�cutor, to��t"er wi�'�. 4 pe*,.�.',�.c:� pr�y�.n;; t'r�P� <br /> said repor� be �llaueci' i or a d�cr�e o�' hea.�^s:�ip, deterr.�i:�ati��z o�' ir�.-.erit�r.ce t:�x, <br /> order of final diatribution and finsl ,�ttlem�ent s=�d ciscY�ai�e. <br /> For these parpose�, the 28th d� of June, 1QE2, at lOsO(? o�clock �.fh.Y in t2:E <br /> Coutity Court Roam in said CounLy w�s ssai�neci �� the time and placo for �-:e�rin.; said <br /> peti't�on, exemiining en� ellaring said final re�ort, and it wa� orderPc'. that r.otice <br /> of the pendency of aeid petition ar� heasing thereor. be given as by ?aw requiredt <br /> and it nppeare by proof on fi2e thst mtice rras given as ordered by the Court and. <br /> that n� ob�ecstions to �aid �inal report h�ve be�n raade ar� filed. <br /> Upon exa�nination ot' the record and eeidence in this matter snd bein� dulv �d- <br /> vieed in the, the Court Pinds as followes <br /> r IRST <br /> That �ilbert N. Blanco deperted this l.ife on Becember 31, I561, testate, and <br /> a re�ident of Grand Ialand, Iiall Coutitty, Nebraska. <br /> SECQND <br /> Th�t on the 5'Eh da�y of Januarg, 1962, Norman Blanco filed in this Court th� <br /> instrtu�ent purportin� to be the 7.aert Mi.11 and teeta�ant of t;iZbert N. Blanco, de- <br /> e�e�ed, and s petitiaz ofteri�g a�eid will far� prob�tea and petitioni.n� the Court <br /> to appo�t hi� aac ea�cutor ef #�il.s e�tate� and that on the 5�h day of JanuarY, 'LgG2, <br /> �n order of thi.s Ccnort wa� made seaig�ning the 2nd dsEy of P'�bruery, 1962, at 1C}s 00 <br /> a�alcak �.M. #.n the C�r�ty Ccurt Roo� aa� th� ti�a� and pl�ce for hearir�� 9A�d pB'G��,�.Oris <br /> prcr�ing �aiei x3.11, az�d ��aitt�.n$ �he ea�e to probate �sd thst notice of the <br /> pet3ciee�e�* o� sa�ici pet3tic►tt be �i.v�n a�� by 1� req�tir�d� �d it appeare tay prc+oY on file <br /> t�,2za� not�e� cuf ffiweh ert�eier roae s� gi.v�a. <br />