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r <br /> , .:-,..yh!' ' � r`a �" '.-. ,<�-Y+ . .�:n3': . . . - . . ' <br /> : . ..:. � ..�:�: � :.., , rti .. :�.. f ,.e.....0 .«6`... �:: ." ....-..`P: '� b..-. . ..�k�_,. ."� . .t . . � ♦ ... .e .. . . ..... . . . . <br /> ID� Tli� CWARY t�RT t� �1ALL E�i�fY' NSHRASKA <br /> IN THE laAAT'TER {� ff� ESTA'P�F tJF ; <br /> F I�IAL �CREE <br /> G� LI�B.,,JIL1C� L�C.�Jt�D ) <br /> N�c�r on this��day of � 19b3, t�is raatter ca�ae on for hear- <br /> upon tt� final report fiiad beiei L�oYd W. Kelly, Jr. E�cecutor of said estate. <br /> � t�he court f�vltu9 exssired � file8 �d a�rds h��ctin, and beir�9 tully advi�ed <br /> in tlae �atter finda as followss <br /> TAat Lh� said c�or� Liebsack departed tNis life un the 26th d�yy of Aprfl, <br /> i961, a reside�t and iMabitant of Hall Coun�y� NebY`astce►, imaving a Last Yiii1 and <br /> Teatae�ent, anci thst hs was the owner of certain real estate and personal prca�rty <br /> located in said county as sat cwt in the Inventory fi2ed hersin to be ad�inistered <br /> tl�s�ein; that thereaft r a petition w�s filed herein by tha said Lloyd �. Ke21y, 3r. <br /> on the � day vf ��`�.�` ,�, 1961, prayiri9 for the sd�infstration of said <br /> estate, and an Order u�as � f�red fixir�g the tisie �d place for hearfng the evidence <br /> in supp�� of said petitian� copfes of ssid notice �! all other natices req+�tred <br /> by law were mailed accosding to laiw to a�l interested Aess�►6+ including hefr�, de- <br /> visess, legatees a�d cs�dit�rs requiring'ftl�m to a�Cw ceuse, if any therebe� �ahy <br /> said instz+unes�t s�wu3d not 6e appraved, allowed and �robated ag end for the Last <br /> ��ill a�i'�d Testa�ertt of the �sid Gearqe Liebsack� �c�aBed� as by law provided, �d <br /> that �isistratiot� thereaf be gra�ted to �aid gx�eutor u�+on his furnishing bond. <br /> That dut and 1e9a1 notice as by �aw �rovlde�d has been giveh to alI �ersons <br /> of the time st�d place fixed by ths couz�t fos filietq ciais�s, egainst said estate by <br /> pc�blication �or tt►ree succsssiv� w�eks in the Grar�d Islu�d Daily Independes�t: a 1e9a1 <br /> �spaper, 3aublis�sed ir� and far Hal2 County, Ne3u�a�#ca, ae�d !+Y the ac�ual sendir�g af <br /> a copy of said rx�tice thereof b�r �si3 witt�tn €ive days thereafter to aii interested <br /> perties, es by la�s► pravided� and by �ling wSivers of the t�eiss and cMvisee� fn said <br /> �stat�, waiving x�ceipt of seid �tfces. a�nd tAereafter the filing af affidavita ia <br /> settin� forth se�id fec�s; that atl per�or�� ha�+in+� claims a9�inst sald est�te �t fileat <br /> �ithin the time fixed hy tl� court, if any such #hese be: are fvrevex barred, �x- <br /> clud�d at� en�ofned from aetting up ar asserting atiy su�h clai�s a�ainst said e�tat�; <br /> That �aid deceased at the time of hi� death left as his sflle and csaly heirs <br /> �t 3a�, 1Qgat�es, devi�€es, or other perstins e�titl�d to shere in h3s pstat�, the <br /> �esBlc�rrin+� n�d �ersAns, to-wit: E�na Liebsack, widow, �ranc� Island, ?�ebaas4�a; �.�elia <br /> Y�aunc�, dauc,�h�er, Crand Islar�, �brsska3 �'a:aline RB�ie�r�, daue�st�x, i� L4ndos�, Io�na, <br /> �1? ever t�€• aqe c�f twenty-ane years. <br /> '�he c�urt further finds that the daceased died the oc,mer of certafn �arsc��a� <br /> �rQ��r�g► as �t Q�s� fn the Inventory hexain, a�sd was t1� owner of the falia��+ng des- <br /> cribec� ��1 es'��'te� tra-cv$�: <br /> Lat Five �5), �lQek Fiv� (5)� "Kvehler Flace", � addi�ion <br /> to t1�� Ci�y of Gr�nd Island, �iall Gounty, :+kai�rask�, and <br /> Lat +� (1�� iin �lack t�ittety four �(94), t�riginal To�+n, nc�r <br /> t;3�y �� Gr8�1d Isld�ldi Hell (:oe�ttty� t�?�rasi�8 <br /> T�e c�ur� fuxtlier firtds tl�,at tt�re value of sai.d eatate i� rtxzch 1�ss than tAs� <br /> 1;e��3 a�.ic��e� d� �thr� �+9.cb�r a�d heir� l�ssein, al2ovr�d b�► las�+f for the purpos�� af <br /> ssse��ing ir��it�tt�� �a�c, if any, a� that there is no inh�ritar+ce t�c e�� ths �tate <br /> �a� �ts�x�sk� t�� �$���e '�au due tts� linited �tate� of �e�ica. <br /> 'y'� �a� ���her �i�ds �hat due �rnt 2e�a1 t�tic� M�� l�en given to all z�a�Qn� <br /> ca� � �i� �nd ��.�+�e i�c�� i�a�i� ar� s�id fin�l re�rt by �licatior► of. said r�atice <br /> ��� �r,� .:�����g�ve �+��ic� i.� tAe G��d Is�1�nd D�ily Zc►d��r�r►t, � 1�9a1 ne�s���er, <br /> � �y ra��Rt'� th� c+�+' ��' ��id s��+tiee to �11 ef the h�irs, devis�te�, and cx�sed3�t�r� <br /> �xc�p� �u �s �a�� si�ned �� waiv�r af said ru�tic�y and tv a11 oth+ar interestec� <br /> pesc�ns �s�thi�, �i�r� �+�y� a#t�ar the �sublisat3en r�f the fir�t i�sue of �,ai.d ru�tic�, <br /> as by la�v ��tfc�e�� �d th�'L ar� a�`fid�vi� af �aid �s�Itr� h�� h�reLefc,re be�n #iled <br /> au�d te�a �r m�s�ea��ft� ta ����ct �o �aa�id r�g�c•rrt, at� the cou�'t hav�tt�g exaQie�ed the �a�e <br /> tc�t��r �ti°tl� t� �eeipts �1 �o�+ehe:�� �n fi2� hereit► �'inds �tt3at said rep4rt. i� tre,e <br /> �ctd �c�rre�t in all thl�gs, �d �ha� �e sa�e sh�ul,d b�e ap��r �llowed � eccept�d <br /> �s ��d �d�s�ttl����d��t d��x��c�'�ctr��d ���s��f�i�al�t�at�da� be�dischar9ed�frc�aaalct <br /> �+e 1 <br /> ,�y #u�x �ia��lity ��ei�. <br /> ` - ,_ <br />