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i <br /> _ ,. ,�,.. .,� .. _ _. . . _ ,._. <br /> (copy) <br /> LA�'!' Y7ILL At� TESfAIAENT IN Tf� AtAI� OF GOD, AkNNEN <br /> I, George Lieb�ack� being of sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby <br /> make� publ3sh. and dsclare this to be my La�t �Vill and I'est�nt in manr�r and <br /> form fallowing hereby revoking any artd all fo�aeer wilis by tne made, that is to <br /> say: <br /> I. <br /> I hereby dir�ct my exec��tar� herefnafter named� to pay all of my 3ust <br /> debts so soon as is reasonably possible afi�r my desaise� including those of my <br /> last sickness and burial. <br /> II. <br /> I he�eby direct that my executor hereinafter n�ned to sell and dispose of <br /> any and all pmperty ��a� I roay have, both real and personal, �rrithfn one year <br /> fro�n the date cf my death, and to pay over tt�e recei}:ts therefrom as fol2owss <br /> To r<zy beloved r.�ife, �.a Lic��sack� one thix�d of sa�d amot�nt; <br /> Ta ny k}elo�ed dauShtEr, Par,eiia `ioun5, GI•�nd I�lar.d, hEhraska, one t:ird <br /> : thhn�r; <br /> To my �3.aved daughter, Pauline Ru�ine9 =1ew Londnn, Io�ta, one third <br /> thereo¢; <br /> anc! I here}�y givs to ��aid �xecutor full �wer and authority to seil ar�d dlspose <br /> of all of my said pro�erty, both real and persor�al tvith�+ut any f;as•ther ox�dQr <br /> fro�a any cou.rt, and to give sufficfent deeds and marketable t3tle fc�r said pro- <br /> perty. <br /> FSI. <br /> � hPretay nor�3r3t.� and �p�cint Z•Ic�y� :'�. Ke12��, ,�r. ths executar cf this r�y <br /> Last 1�i11 and Test�ent for th2 �urpos�� hereinbefore set forth. <br /> IN �ITNE�ti �=.7?EREOF, X have hnreunto ._.�� ,:i� hand anc? seal �his I7th day <br /> of April, 1R�. <br /> /,�,� �:�ec. Liebsack <br /> Teatator <br /> t1fe, �rt:ose n���es ax�� 'c:�rEt�r:i;c subsci:i.b�c�y c�� ti�::-�i;y c�s�ii"y tf,�;i: ;:.�:csaE <br /> L�.ebsacic, he then being c�:"- saund tt�inci �uid meanary �r.d :!ncler nc, c:��p�als��on �rhat- <br /> Sd�VETf f'xX@CU��C� f:�lf3 �O;CLa(,�UiII� iii4,t'1'L'f:;Gi�� ii: GIYi: �:I�:��Jl� �:131� tI? i.tlt� �.resence <br /> of each of us, and at the sar� time, dec�.�ring that said instrwnent tKas hi� <br /> Last l�iL� at�ci :�s�au�eri�, alui d��;, �a i::�;; r�c;u�:�� aiici 'r. i:`:;: �:,�ese!.c��y <:iic: irc <br /> t7T2&PA�@ O� 98i:ii J'���Bi'� :�t?}:+�C:X'lu� OIiT 7:c!!!lt 3 �:E."�'��t: :�ta ait.'�°�f 1!l;l 1:?j;fdeSSE.'S. <br /> /s/ Lloyd t�. K�11� f��/ i%�,f:�:•i c i; v ar.f�:ci <br /> Grand Island, l�braslca Grand Isla�tc!q Ne#�r�s'c� <br /> HALL COliNT�' , N'�BRASKA F I L � D P'i,4Y 1 1y:�1 CH"tRL��,;: BO.�S�?�?.T <br /> COUIv`!'Y Jti�G� <br /> � _._.�G;�� <br />