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The court further finds that the deceased died the owner of certain personal <br /> property as set out in the Inventory herein� and �as the owner o€ the foilo�,in� des- <br /> cribed real estate, to-wit: <br /> The South 5ixty Feet of Lot One, Block T�vo, 4'�iebe's <br /> Addition to the City of Grand Tsland, Nebraska, and <br /> The 5outh half of Let £i�ht, Elock Tvro, ���ieP.�e'� Addi- <br /> tion to the �ity of Grand Island, Nebrasfca, <br /> The cou,rt further finds that aftPr all exer�ptfcns have been ai.lovved and a ���i,��r � <br /> being £iled by the Hall County Attorney, Hall County, rJPbraska, t�at there is an in- <br /> heritance tax due the State of Tdebraska in the sum of $I�1.�?C and that the same has <br /> been fully paid. <br /> Th� court further finds that due and legal notice has been �;iver� tc; ai:. ,�e�:�:r,s <br /> of the time and place for hQaring on said fi�a1 report }.y -��ublication ior thren �:��c�s- <br /> sive ti°Jeeks in the Grartc3 Island Daily Inde�.�endentY a l�gal ne,:��.�a;�ers ano �y rh� ��.�iliny <br /> of a ccpy of said natices te all ef the heirs, ��`Jisee:>, i�c�ate�= and cr��ito�s :•xcG;�t <br /> such as have signed th� v�aiver of said notice, and io all i�terpstn�! � i <br /> ;:erso�_ s�:it��in <br /> five days after the publication of the first issue ef said natice, as ry �a�,r� ���rovideC� <br /> and that an affidavit of �aid mailirsg has heretofcre aeen �il�d an� nc =�ne a,�pParinc; <br /> to ohject to said final re��ort, and the court h�ving exanined the �acry�� togethe?' 'e;i��: <br /> I <br /> th2 receipts and vouchers on :a.le her�in finds that said re;��rt is true and corr�.�t �n ; <br /> I <br /> ail things, and that the same shouid be ap�:r�ved, a12ot:en anc? acce�ted as and f�r saiu <br /> executrix f3.nal re�ort; the cour�t further fihds that s�id es�ate sh���?d b� set.tleci �nci <br /> closed and said Executrix astd hex officiai bondsMan be dischar,�d fso�n any f�;rzhLr <br /> liability herein. <br /> The court further finds that under the terras of the T.ast '>�i�3 and Te.=t��ent ��� <br /> said deceased, the rea2 estate hereinbefore described did ��ss and descsnd �to F:iar�.,ar�t <br /> L. Kesel, -rrida�v of said dece�s�d in fee sim�le title. <br /> � <br /> IT Ia THER�FORF. ORDERED, ADJLIi�ED AND DECREF.B BX THF CGtT}?i �hat all �-��x�sons having <br /> claims against said estate nat filed and allowed wit�iin the time �ixed by the courtg sf <br /> any such there bQ, are forev�r barr�d, exc2uded and �rjoined £rom s�tting u,� or assprting <br /> any such ciai�s; that the ffnal re�ort of Margaret L. 1:eae1, Executrixs be, and ti�e sarne <br /> is hcreby a�proved 2nd �llowed as and for said Ex�cutr�.x final re��e�rt� that said evtate <br /> is hereby se�tl�d and closed and said Executrix and her officiai bondsman herein f�ally <br /> c��sci���'t��rd.;,�roan'-an�v furth�r liabiiity� that the personal oro�rty anc� the real est�te <br /> , ���,S s �' �� <br /> . •,at��eih d'�s����et�..bela�g�.n� to said deceased, be, asZd the sa�►e hereby do�s descend under <br /> ,;t� <br /> ;`y�t�,rb�► v�,�tt�! �#'»°�he La�t �ill and Testa�cent of said deceasect to Mar.qaret L. Kesel, �ri- <br /> � � <br /> ;��r�"�:�i ���t��mp��'tft3.e� sub3�ct h����ve� to the c�ayment �€ the �um of �101.�C� inh�ritance <br /> � , <br /> �,: <br /> ��t�E�c# eand ��rG���#u�ion th�reof is aceardir�gly mede, and �aid estate is hereby s�ttl�d and <br /> , , ..,..e =_-� <br /> �. x., ' , � -' <br /> ±:':�i��,��c�° �1�. ii'i��its �nd purp4ses. BY W T s <br /> . _Gounty Judge <br /> > ' -- <br />