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IN THE tAUNTY t�IURT CfF IiALL GCK3AtF�t, Id��tll�€A <br /> IPd TkIE f�ATTER Q� TH� ESTATE j <br /> =FIN�I. UEt�tE� <br /> C?F JOf�I+I C. KES�EL, DECEASED } <br /> �I4w on this�.C^� day of , 19b�, th#s �natter came on �or hearing <br /> u,�or► the Final RPpQrt vf hfargaret L. Kese2, Exeeatyix of said estat�, and the court <br /> i�aving examined the xecords and files herein, and being fully advised in the mattex <br /> finds as followsa <br /> That the said John C. Kes�l d�par'�ed this life on the 12th day of �Iay, 1959 <br /> � r�sid�n� and inhabitant of Hall County, i�ebr��ka Ieaving a I,ast V'dill and Testar�ent <br /> an� t��at �e was the owner of certain reai esgate and p�rsonal praperty laca�ed °an <br /> �aac� county as s�-� out i.n the Inventary fil�c? h�rein to b� at�ninistered theaeit�; <br /> that ���r�after a �eti��ion taas filed by the said ��ar�are� L. Kesel on the �day � <br /> c�g � 1�c�f;s raraying for the administration of said estate, and an Order a�aas <br /> en er�d fixinc� �}ie t's� and place of hcaxi�g the evid�nce in si:p�c:�t of said petition; <br /> copa�s o� saic� natic� a�d all other notice5 xequireu� by law were mailed according to <br /> 1a3; t� ai� �n�eres�ed �ersons, including heirs, devisees, legatees and creditors <br /> a•�qu�rina ti�em t� shav, cause, if any th�re be, 4�hy said instrt��ent should not be <br /> �,?a�o��d9 �l�o�,-��d and arobated a� an� �or �he Last ':�ill and Testament of �he said <br /> Joi�n C. i:�s�I, deceased, as by I�rv provided, and that adr,tinistrat�on thereof he <br /> yr«n���ci �o sazd Execut�ix ut�on h�r furnishing bend. <br /> 'I,�ai �ue and i��ai no4icL as by la�! requirec� has be�n �iven to all interested <br /> ; .:��sors o. �t,�� ti�=» an�a .�lac� zix�d by th� court fnr filin� claims against said <br /> �,,Y�te by ,:�aulica'��on ��r thre� successive tivee€cs in the G�and Island Daily Inde,_;en- <br /> �entg a l�,�a3 ne�;rs�:aper� r�:ablis'r�ed in att�l ior Hall Gounty, cJebraska, and hy the actual <br /> senc�ing of a ea;�y oi saia notice by r�ail v�itRin five days thereafter ta a12 inter�s- <br /> t�d persons, as by 1?.� �:rovicieat, and by the filing of tvaivers of the heirs and devi- <br /> se�s in said esta��, v,aiving the recei�t of said notices� and thexeafter the filing <br /> af aff�davits se�ting forth said facts; that all �>ersons having claims against gaid <br /> �.}svat� not filed vdithin the time fixed by the caurt, if any such there be, are for- <br /> ever )�arred, �xcluded and enjoined fros� setting up or assertigg arsy such ciaims against <br /> said estate. <br /> That said deceased at the time of his death left as his sole ar�d only heirs <br /> at Iaw' iegatees, cevis�€s, or �ersor�s entitled tv share in his esta�e, the follaw�ang <br /> named persons, to-witn P�'.argaret L. Kesel, widora, Grand Islat�d, Nebraska; Hazel Omer, <br /> daughter, G�and Island, Nebraskaf and Leo {esel, san, I932 t�aple Avenue, Costa ��esa, <br /> Califor►�ia, all over the age of twenty �ne years. <br /> <-, � <br /> ♦ <br />