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, � � . . .r', , <br /> IN THE COUNTY COURT OF H�LL COUNfiY, NEBRASKA <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE FSTAT£� j <br /> ) <br /> OF ) - DECREE - <br /> ) <br /> CHA�I,ES LUTH, Deceased ) <br /> This matter carce on for hearing on the �/"'�' day a� Jur�e, <br /> �.�6�, �n the Petition of �l�ie �. �uth� fcr a deter�ninatio:a e�f <br /> :�nher�tance t�x an� the evid�nce, the Petitioner being present ars <br /> Ce�urt and represente� by counsel and the Co�art Y�.avir.g heard °��a� <br /> e�ric��nc� and being fully acivised in tY�te premises fin�s that all. ���e�� <br /> irzvs�lv�d are loc�ted in Hall C4unty, Nebrasi�a, anci t�at �.h� Gour:"�, <br /> A�torn�y af Hall Cou�ty, iVebraska, has executed and fil�d a ��'��.�a�r �f <br /> hcacac� �pQn h�.m to sYaow �au�e, or af th� time and pl���: s�f' izra.ri�.v, <br /> a�d r�a�s en��r a voluntary appearance in the�e proc�ed�n�s ira �E:�{:�i_�;° <br /> �f' �ti� County of Hall and State of �Vebraska and furLh�:� f'�nas t�a�� ���:� <br /> artly person against whom an inheritance tax m�ay be ass��se�. �.s t;��: <br /> �'�tition�r her�ins <br /> The Caurt further f inds that said Gharl�s Luth died l�s�y i�� <br /> �.�?52s an �lall Ccunty, Nebraska, b�in� a� said ti�e a r�eaicle�* ��° s�?� <br /> �ounty; that the Petition�r is the widow of 5aid d�c�ase�a t�����; a� <br /> �h� di�:�e ef i�,is �ea�h saic� d�ce�s�d w�as not possess�� af �r�{ ,;a�sa��rty <br /> �t�b�p�.t to ad�rinistration an the State of Nebraska� 'c�ut w�.� t��� �:�:�z�r� <br /> tiCr�,(�i Ct"' wL.�sh l.:te Petiticner $s J�i��i ti�?�L`�I�l�i"Jy ol til� .:.�Ji..l�3't�i_i.;:� Q�er'7`.���U� <br /> T`;�"�i::[;Z�'1.3J'p tQ"'Wl�'o <br /> Fart s�f �he �outheast :�uarte� �f ttLe Sc�utheast _y_-.��^�e� i '�::��:�=��) <br /> �:f �ection Twenty-ona �21) , in Township .�I��ren (11! ���r���� <br /> F�n�e Nin� (�) �'est of the bth F.A:. , Hall Gounty: ��;�r�s=��,, <br /> n:ore particularly described as fnli�ws, tomwit: Gor:u:�a.��f�� <br /> �t � p�int rour Hundred T`wenty-nir�e (429) F'eet west �^� L�:� <br /> South�ast corner of said Section, running thence notth .fc�° <br /> a di�tan�e of One HundrRd Sixty-five (16;) Feet, rurfi:�m;1� <br /> therace west for a distance of Sixty�six (66) Fset, runni:�� <br /> d'r:e:�ce so�sth for a distance of pne Hundred SixtS•-five (i�>? <br /> �'���t, running thence east for a distance af �ixty-six (G�j <br /> F'ee� to the piaca of be�innin;, said property bei.�g the <br /> horrastead of decedent and P�titioner; and , <br /> Om� (�} �,��� Buick automobile. <br /> The Cour�t further finds that the above d��cribed real es�a�a, <br /> h�i�a�; th� resident9al property and hamestead of deceased and Pet�t�on�r, <br /> and said auto�uobile, were of the fair and reasonable snar�ke� value at <br /> -1- <br />