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i <br /> `J <br /> , . 3, ,u ,x�.. . _.��. . .,. =�4:����- <br /> D��REE--------------••_�--- --•-----------------------Page Four <br /> . Nbr�Eb Half of the l�Tarth �-Ialf (N/2 N/2) o# Se�tfon <br /> Four (4)� Towr�r�hip Eight (8) North. Range Tsri (10). <br /> Acl�nrxa �oun'Ey, N�braerka; <br /> North Hal€ of the 5outhweat Quarter (NJ2 5Wi4) of <br /> Section Four (4j, Township Eight (8} No�th, �tange <br /> Ten (1�). Aclams Gounty, htebraaka. <br /> Lot Four (4) in Black �`our (4) oi Ba►teman's Subdivision <br /> of the SE/4 of the NE/4 of Section i i, Tow�ehip ?, <br /> Range 1fl, Weet of the 6th P.�. , Ada�.s County, <br /> Nebraska; <br /> waa held by said Iatceased with hie wife, Elizabeth f�.. Mott, ae Joint <br /> Tenants with righte of aurvivorship and wa� ahown on the Inventory for <br /> Inheritance Tax purpc�ses only. <br /> The Cuurt furth�r finde tha{ the heirs at law and next of kin, bene- <br /> ficiaries and devisee,� of eaid I)eceaaed� are as follows: <br /> Fii�ab�th A. Mott� widow, 1715 Boyce, Hastinga, Nebraeka; <br /> Byron t�d. Mott. son� (Cc�-�xecuto�j. R. �'.D. �2, Haetings. Nebr�ska�; <br /> �. A+1ott, at�rs, (Co-Exe�utor�, �t.F.D. #9, La#ayette, Inc�fana, <br /> That ali of aaid heira are af 1��a1 ag� aad �o�petent. ex��pt E�lizabsth A. <br /> Mott who ie under the lege►1 guazdianslaip of �yro� S�. Mott. <br /> 'T'he Court �ux�ex iinds th�t 2nheri#anc� Tax he$z�i�g hae been had <br /> and #hat inbegita�ice T�ces have baen paid; that �'ad�ral E;�tate Tax ratu�n <br /> Y�a�s be�� filad �nd �,at nc3 �"ad��ai �et�te T�c ir p�ywble in oaici �etate. <br /> 1'he �ourt #�r�+�r finds tha.t t�se I►'inal Acco�znt �'iled herein ie ju�t, <br /> true and �orrect, a�s� �t ths t�a.�s �rhQu�d ba agpsaved. <br /> T'h� C€�urt ��rt�ier ���s #ti�t all p�rr�c�:3al; pr�sgerty h�.s be�n eor��ert�d <br /> intc� eash +����pt 1� ,�h�.rea cor�o� s�ck of W�scsaa a�+d Cs��a�.p�r�y, Inc. , $nd <br /> 4� a►iz���e of ��k i�► �s�t i�tai�c�n�al. �3a�k, ��tin�s, Ncbra�ka�; t�xat the <br /> saicl �li�abet� A. A�t� �e� paie� th� ��e�icf+��iey h�rsi�i and *�aived aaid <br /> d�s#�+cter�c�, <br /> ��� d� <br />