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� <br /> DEC&E�----•-•-•-•-----_�_�_.�_��_�___��--------------�e__Page Thrac <br /> ''TF3E �TATE 0�' N.EBRA�FSA, �ss. G�I�TI�'IGATE C3�` FRf?BA'TE <br /> �damm �au�tY j <br /> At a seseion of Ehe Count� Gaurt, 2�eld in �.�nd for aaid CaunLy► <br /> at th� Gounty Court R�om i� Ha�ting�, on f.hi8 1$th day Qf Nvvember, <br /> .11�,i++a i��i. <br /> Pre�ent, J�shn �, Ray, County Judg�: <br /> TN THE ivi�TT�R �F THE �STATE CQF j <br /> Albert �i.. Ah�t�. 3 <br /> D�cea.�ed. ) <br /> I, John Eo Ray, Coun�y Jud�e, in and fQr said Cpunty, do <br /> hereby certiEy th�.t on this lfit� da►y ot Novamber, A.I7. 1961, the <br /> instrurnent pux�ortirng tc� be the i�st will and teeta.rnent of the �aid <br /> Albert R. 1vlott, clec�ased, which vvas filed ir� this Court, on the <br /> 24th day af f?ctab�x, A.D. 19bi, and being the in�trurnent to which <br /> thiS ia annexed� wae duly p�oved, apgrove�3, probatsd s��.d allowed, <br /> as the last will and testarne�t of the eaid Albert R.. 3�ott, deceaaed, <br /> in and for the state o€ �Tebrask�.; and ix was ordsrefl to be recorded <br /> in the recc�rds of the ��unty Gourt afare�aaid. <br /> II*t VagITNESg VvHEREa�`a I have hcreunto set my hand <br /> and Lh� seal of said County Gourt, at Haetings this <br /> 16th day of Navember, A. D. 1961. <br /> /�/ Jo�n E. Ray <br /> �EAL, Judge o# the County Caurt" <br /> Th�.t on the ibth day of Nav�mber. 196i� the said Byron �'��, Mott <br /> and Gerald C�. Mott ware appointed, qualified, became, eQntinued to be, <br /> and have baen at all timea eince� and are now the c3i�l.y agpointed, qualified <br /> and actin� �4-Exeeutors af said Estate. <br /> That all of the pr�perty and other aesete tha# came inta tb.e po�session <br /> of said Co-Executors are as ahown by the inventory and Final Report herein; <br /> that thay have paid all indebtedneas agaimst �state and a�3 claisna. <br /> 'That th� 7lecea�eec� diad sei$ed snd poasess�d a€ no real e:#a�e; <br /> th�.t the followi�g de�eribed reai ent�te� to-wi�: <br /> South I�al€ af the Sc�uth�vvest �2uarter (�i2 SV�/4) of <br /> Seetion Thirty-�hr�e (33), To�►nahip ATin� (qj Rlorth, <br /> Range Ten {10). Weet of the 6Lh P.M. , Hall County, <br /> Nsbraeka; <br /> ��� � <br /> _ . . . . .�... , ._�,m -.. .. . .,.�€-r :�,. _ ,x._,r. _ <br /> x ...z�.,. .,�, ..s...vxy<..•. _ ..� . .. . .•.,: <br />