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i <br /> -..:�� . � . � .. . - . . - . . . . . .i_ .. �._ .�..t `A'"''r'.._,.A � �''�i�.:-, <br /> II�CRT�--___....,...�---,-•-•----•----�-----�...____-------P�.gd Two <br /> �HIRD: I givs. d�vise and b�qt�eath a.�l thc re�t and <br /> - �eeidUa c€ r�y sstate bofi�, real and personal, of which I may be <br /> .pcseessacl at the tfGme uf my tlaath to have and to hold to her� <br /> my said vvife, for u$e duri�g hex lifetimB. <br /> FQUR"�I: Subject ail�rays and in ali things to the life <br /> estato in favt>r of my wife� Elizabeth A. Mott ae stated in the <br /> �ext paece�ding secEfon o# this wi11, I giva, devise and bequeath <br /> � <br /> to my eons, Byros W. Mott. and t�ers�ld O. R!iott, share and <br /> ahare alikc absolutetly� all af the said reefdue of my eatate. <br />- 5hould eithez �f my said eons pre-deceaee me, and again sub3ect <br /> to tb.e life estate in #avor of my wife� Eliaabcth A. Niott, �.e <br /> et+atad in the aoxt preceeding asctics� Q� this wfll I give. deviae <br /> aad bequeath the ehare vf the said �esidue of rny oetate which I <br /> have devieed and bequeath hereia ta such pre-deceasfng son, as <br /> fallawe: <br /> (a) In the event xny eon B}rron W. Mott pr�-deesasss <br /> x�.e, I g�ve. deviae and b�queaLh �aid �ha.xe to hls children� June <br /> E. Mott, isaxn J�ly, 19, 2 944. Dale A. Mott� born November i 1. <br /> 19'�6, Shart�a A. Mott. born June ?� 195�, Judi#h L. Mott, born <br /> Decernber ?� 1951. and ifennetY� 3. Mott, borr� Ma.y 27� 1953. <br /> (b) In the event my son Ger�lc� O. Matt, predeceasee me <br /> I give, devis� and bequeath eaid �hare to hi� childr�n, �£enneth <br /> Mott, born Pvia.zch 15, i 939. Gl�n Mott, born August 30� 1941, <br /> Joanne Mott, box� October 1. 1944� and Gordon Mott, barn <br /> Oetmber 25. 1952. <br /> i.ASTI.Y; I name and nominate my ao�s. 8yron �. Mott. <br /> and Gerald Q. lviott, ,�air�tl�, or the snxvivor of them if eith�r <br /> pza-d�Eeassa n�e Et� b� QxoG�tor u€ this my L�.et V�tfll and '�'�sta- <br /> rr��r�t. <br /> DAT�I3 at Ha�tings. Atebras��, �ie day of �_, 19�7. <br /> Uate tt�aped in: D�e 9 �9�7 <br /> /e/ �.lbert R. Mott <br /> Th� �ad+a�si�d a6nd. �ach vf tlaom he�eby ceri�fy that th� <br /> aebavs a�d #t�s�gtsiay� i�nAtrw�rfent �uva.s sign�d ar�d declared by tlz� �aid <br /> .Al;b�rt �:. Mott,.tc� b+a �.i� laet v��l� and te��xne�# iaz aur preaen�e, <br /> a� �� �� his ���teii�t, �n hie p��sex�c�e and �n �i� p��s�rs�� csf' ��.ch <br /> ts�is� ha+u�o- a��s+�ribed v�z naxr�e� hsa�ata �a ��$ti�; �wi��asa�s. <br /> �le fu��ar ���tif�r�at a� �e ti�e r�f th� eue��uti�oz� 8f tt3� said vvi.11 <br /> ths �aal��ex �t��+��s�' w�g ��# �o�tci a�d d���ein� �er�e�a�cy �nci und+�r no <br /> re��r�►f�t. <br /> /s/ ��+r�e�rh �a�or �i# I�����e�, Nmtsrasks. <br /> fs/ J`. 7.aa �wfi�l� �#�3ast�nge, Nek�ra�ka. �, <br /> ��� � <br />