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IN THE COUNT�' COURT OF FiHLL COUNTY, �`EBRASKA <br /> I�i ':�F :�;='PT�� OF T�i'� �'ST�'FE ) <br /> ) <br /> OF ) D 1 CREE <br /> � - - - - - - <br /> -.�i•i-. �. �::.'�;It'� ���";iJ�',r:. � <br /> =�aw on this lt�th d7y of June, 19g?, th�� ma�ter came on for hearing <br /> upon th:; Fin:1 ".ccouniin� �::d °�tition for �istrib�}tion fi1=d 'nerein by <br /> Char�es �i. 3F�l�ere, the d�:Zy ap�oi��ted, qualified and acting �xecutor of <br /> th� '"s`:.te of �_lma �. �^Ipere, ��ece;s�d, -�nd the Co��.rt Geing fu11y advised <br /> in ±he bre.,ises finds th :t. t'�e s^id ri:iai�untinp; is in a'-1 respects tru� <br /> .^�d correct, n�' t.".�t. tr� s� :e be a�a it is her�b� approved; th-.t all claims <br /> f�l�d tgainst :,aid sst��te, incl�;di-�� t.•�e ccst of ad:r:inistr-.tion, have been <br /> fully paid. <br /> `i"nP :;o�:rt "inds tr<:t. Al�•a L. Relp�re dec�rtFd t�i- life on the 30th <br /> d�; of June, 1955, 1e�vinc 7 I,ast •;ill a^d iest�.ment; t�;�t �t the time of <br /> her death she ra� _. residF7t of �a11 CoLnty, :�ebr- k� ; t'z_a.t. she left sur- <br /> v�_vin� her C;iarles �. b^lp?re� her husb�nd, of Gr-�nd Island, ?d�traska, and <br /> �eatrice G;,c� Hzw�� a da��nhtPr o! �-�-� <br /> � � E, , . -a, -� ., _.rn�,y, ?iebr�::ska. <br /> C�,� ;;;,vrt fnrtn=r f�nrls t_z�t tir;� for ti:�in� clair^s �nainst. s��d e�_ <br /> t.xte ha� lont; sinc� el.::;sed, �nd i� th=r� b� n.y cl,3ms .��21*?Gt s: i� P��at.e <br /> , ��c!, �� .v�� r.�t b��n n._;i,� �r rt�ed f�r rec�rzs in tnr�se rrocePdi;�:�s, �h� <br /> h�, an� tha� �re :��rebT� farever ?�arr��. <br /> I'�e C�urt furt:�Pr f3.nds t:���t tt�� tot�2 v�lue o" s:�id ns� .te �ccor:�in� <br /> .� �,n� i:�v����r;,� filed is the su.�n of ;`2rr,938.00, ..nd th�.t no inh�rit-nce tax <br /> is t !�r for� due �he 5tat of idabr�.sk� or the United Stste� of _,mPrica. <br /> in: Co�.�rt finds that Rt the time �f her death thF s^ :;lma c. Belpere, <br /> �;�ePase��, anc� CharlAs R. Belpera, her survivin� husb�nd an� i�xecu#:or, i.Tere <br /> t?�e c-;�ers zn �ee siTMol== oi t'�e real estate described as <br /> 'r'1A �:.ast Ha'if a.f t�ne ::,utheast �uartar (�'1:Ew) <br /> of 5ection ;l�irty '1'wo (3%'), `.'os�,�iship '.'wel;►e <br /> (12), Dtorth, �n�e :� (9? h'est of the 6t,h P.M. <br /> in 'lall Gounty, Vebraska, exeeot Tw�nty �1cre� <br /> (2t3) thereof de.scribed a: the idorth Half of the <br /> �ortheast �u3rter of tY�e ���utheast �`u�rter <br /> (N21VH45Eµ} of s�id S�ction 'I'hirty Two (3�), con- <br /> t.�ininr� 2o aeres, a little rr;ore or less, which <br /> wa� �eld as t�n.nts in corr��on T,�ithaut ri��zt of <br /> survivorship, dnd <br /> Lots `rhree (3), Four (4) �na Five (�) in �laek <br /> �ix {b) af i3onnie Brae �ddit'ton to the City of <br /> Gr�r�d I�laz�d, Nebr�ska <br /> � � <br />