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XI. <br /> I direct that should my said husband, Charles R. Belpere <br /> an� my dauohter, Beatrice Grace Hawks and my �randchildren, all <br /> precede me in death, that then and in that event all of my estate, <br /> real and personal, shall be given to and become the property of <br /> my next of kin and the next of kin of my said husband, Charles <br /> Y. Belpere , share and share alixe , <br /> �II. <br /> I hereby n�me , constitute and appoint my said husband, <br /> Charles H, �elpere, executor �x this my Last Will andJ�estament. <br /> XIII. <br /> � direct that should my said husband precede me in death, <br /> that then and in that event my said dauQhter, Beatrice Grace <br /> Hawks be ap�ointed as executrix and i further provide that <br /> si�oul� my said dauahter, Beatrice srace Hawks also precede me <br /> irA deat.s or shau�d she for some reason be unaeie to act as such <br /> executri:�, t]�a_t t:�er_ ara in that even�, my attorr.ey Paul C. Holm- <br /> berU oa' t:�� C;ity of Grand Zslund, Nebraska , be appoin�ed as <br /> executer. <br /> XIV. <br /> � di�ect that rny executar or executrix herei.n named be <br /> c}.ar�ed w:.t:: th� duty oi erecting unon the burial lot in t,,re <br /> '���ar.�u Island P��unicipal Cemetery, a suitable monument, i.�' sUch <br /> L,on�_�rn�nU has no� been proT;ided by me personally and that suitable <br /> inscrintions be niaced upoT� sai�i monument mar'_.cin� the grave of <br /> my said r.usbanc:, Charles R. Be�.pere and triat of my ov�n. <br /> XV. <br /> I hereby revoke and declare null and void, any and all ocher <br /> :dil�s by n�e made ar.d I hereby declare this to be my Last �^�ill <br /> arid Testar:.ent. <br /> II�T �JITNESS I have hereunto set my hand at Grand Island in I <br /> Hall Ccunty, Nebraska, this the 5tn day of July, 195�• <br /> Alma B. Belpere <br /> Testatrix <br /> �'-ri . <br />