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/ <br /> �T. <br /> I direct tnat should either o£ my said �randchildren named <br /> herein, prececie me in death, that the real esr,ate herei.n descri.bed <br /> as Lo�s Tilree, rour anC F�ve (3 ,4 �: 5) , in Block Six (6} , i�, sai:.' <br /> '�?�•,'"'_1!' t�7'ae hddition �Q tri@ CICy Of .17'3I1� TSL�riCl � �;311 �our.ty� <br /> '.��r:S��c } Sr2.L� D8 �I.V�r tQ and become tr� �)r'Op^r'ty' Of ��E' St;:"'_ <br /> �����vi�,T jrar�chi�a named herein. <br /> ��1. <br /> 1 I1�2'�:.E'.Z' (11��'C`_ rf::�t t:.E.' �:.'ardian O;^ �'1}' S:'3.].:1 _''rc:r,^. ,..i ,..;r'�'n <br /> r': ;�'?1:'la2''-.,�3'_" P_�?I(lE?Cl di7C: flr',S'_�''_Bt.�C1� S^aJ.� r1V ��! �.aXES ^_:. ? il. <br /> C;Qi.:;�E.'S O��C�ti•�3t.i�'Q t0 I",i�.' 5�31:: �ia?1::childre:": at:� lCGE3;' �'.^-? So.�i':^; <br /> ii� :i T'GdS�"IclO'_� S�dLE' O�� I'�T�alr' ar'.� t,��� ��"'iF? COS`� T,i'�?"eCi D(' <br /> Q��.I;CT.�7 .irOL'i Lii�' 7'P,I?t•ai 1i1COT7:�,-^ Z'7'Oi: Sc31Ci �'llf'��1pJ Li:��T.:�. <br /> �:'I I . <br /> T �urther direct thai the real estate here;-n aescr_nec: , <br /> '.Jr1C�'1 � tl�t%2 DAC��a�:at:h�4� t0 I:1V t.WO Sal� �r'c`�;'iQCr:ll�l:�i'.f,� :l:C;s' �_ .. . <br /> ;;ah�ks a^u ii.,._ard 3e' ;�ere .:a�,aks, be no�. ;��". �r o;.htr��i�� _._ .�- <br /> , _ �P.,C� O.i U:1;,11 ttii' �OUZ'iJe< Oi S3��i �ra:_uC;11.1:a7'�:i: � .,'Ut�;j �t : :�:2:TK_� � <br /> SI1��__._ !'<CO::�:. T.��:;...:�J-Oil:: ��i� jE;aT'S O� 3�E: . <br /> ''.':T'1 . <br /> I direct t'r:at the net ir.cer�e ir�m the s-ix ;�i awel�_ _, �.-r..':.ts , <br /> er�tici,ed or: the real �stat2 beq_ueathe� to my said �randchilure~i, <br /> ee Qrvest�d by tne guar�ian o� sai� minor ;rar.dchilclren, so `�_ar, <br /> their educatior. and mainteriance will be insured. <br /> IX. <br /> I hereby name, constitute and appoir.t my said dau`;hter, <br /> Beatrice Grace Hawks, guardian of my said minor ;randchi.ldren, <br /> X. <br /> I direct that should my said husband, Charles R. �eipere <br /> precede m� in death, that then and in that event all furniture , <br /> fixtures, bonds, securities, cash on hand, tagether with all <br /> articles of personal property not herein specifically menticn�,d, <br /> shall be piven to and become the property of my said dau�hter, <br /> Beatrice Grace Hawks. <br /> �r��I G� <br />