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LAST VJILL AND TESTAMENT <br /> IN THE NAME OF GOD, ANtEN. Knowing the contingencies of <br /> this life and being of sound mind, I, Jesus Soto, of Wood River, <br /> Hall County, Nebraska, do make, publish, and declare this instru- <br /> ment as and far my Last Will and Testament, and I do hereby revoke <br /> any and all former wills or codicils by me heretofore executed. <br /> FIRST. <br /> I do hereby appoint Robert C. Soto as executor, to serve <br /> without bond of this my Last Vdill and Testament. <br /> SECOND. <br /> Z do hereby direct my executor to pay all of my just <br /> de�ts, including the expenses oi my last illness and death and expenses <br /> i.ncident to the probate of this will as soon after my death as is <br /> reasonably convenient. <br /> T'r�I�D. <br /> I do h�reby �i�:, devise, and bequeath onto my beloved <br /> wife, Rosdrro Soto, all of my property, both real and personal, <br /> wherever sit�zated, to have and to hold the same absolute and forever. <br /> FOURTH. <br /> T su�gest to my executor, by reason of his familiarity <br /> wi�h my affair. s and pro�erty, John A. uda�oner, Attorney at La.�r, to <br /> be e::ip?oyed as attorney and counsel .�or my executor in the probate <br /> of this, my Last Wili ar,d iestament, as well as in connection with <br /> �he rnana�ement and settlement of all of the affairs oi my estate. <br /> Z1`3 tiJITtiESS `�TH�REOF, I have, on this $th day of August, <br /> 1901 , at Grand Island Nebr, , Hall County, Nebraska, declared and <br /> sioned the f�reUoing instrument as and for my Last `�Jill and Testament <br /> ir the presence of each of the attesting witnesses, each of them I <br /> riave requesued in the presence of the other to subscribe his name as <br /> an attestin� witness in my presence and in the presence of the other. <br /> Jesus Soto <br /> TES�R <br /> �.� � <br />