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-.�..: _ ... � __y. -- -- <br /> . .,�; <br /> Ths,t the reports and ac 1unts of E. C. Huxtable, T�ustee, <br /> as fiZe� herein from the dat of his �ppointment to the date <br /> hereof, �ncluding the final �.iport ffled herein, are in �11 <br /> e has accounted for in � <br /> respects true and correct, i that h � . <br /> . �� <br /> 4uch reports for all funds b�tonging to this trust which came <br /> c�. <br /> into his h�nds as Trustse, an�i that all of such reports and the �' <br /> final repert af E. C. Huxtable, Trustee, should be in all <br /> r�sp�c�� ra.tiffed and approved b;� the Court. <br /> Th� C�urt finds that there remains to be paid by the Trustee � <br /> F. <br /> R <br /> h�rein the balance of the Court costs being in th� amount of •-- � <br /> $3..OQ �nd Attorney's fees and Truste�''s fees and cammiasions. <br /> That thg s,�n of �i50.00 is hereby approved as Attorney's fees <br /> and th� s�u� of $�5Q.00 is hereby allawed to the Trustee for his <br /> �ervice€: �ince the filing of the last annual report, an� that <br /> �uch Ccurt cost� and fees should be ��id by the T�-uetee. <br /> �re ��u�t fuzthez finds that aft�er the payment of the <br /> Caurt a9g}s �.nd fses as hereinbefcre found due and ow�.nq, that <br /> there wf�31 ��main an ha.nd in the Ban�. of Ravenna �the sum of <br /> �2a326��40 �rY�i�h sum together with t�s United 3ta�es Cc,vernment <br /> Bands �.�d ��.�'irsgs a�ccflL�nt s as listed in the final r�poxt herein <br /> shcul�.� � a.�sig'ne�, t��insferr�d and set over to Fre�land T�. <br /> �e�itt;. <br /> �,;�s �e�.�t iva�theP finds that th� foll,owing descr::bed real <br /> £38t�t�e t��t��t R <br /> ��,� ����h H��.� c�f ths S�uth�a�� Qu�.�t$r bN'��� c,i �ec:ion <br /> T1�i��ym�h�s� Q3e�� in Towr�s�ip �en Q��)s �.�. R�ag� ?`�re�.�re <br /> +����,, �r� �i��.�.,Cou�tym . i� th� St�te of DTebr�:sk�, <br /> w�t� a ��'�' �f �he �.ssets of thi� sa�,� t�ust and thmt �.�e saa►e <br /> ��^.�atl�, �� aesiqn�cTi �and �et o�eY to ��e �ae�eficia�y, �°g�elaaid E. <br /> �i�itt� f��� f�o� trust.� <br /> r� O�LF�a �1�� �NID ��� �Y �FiE C�URT <br /> � �p 1 � � , <br /> tp��� ��� ���al r��t of �o �o H�ax-k�le� T��at��, be� �aad the same <br /> ��;g�� ��� �n �11 �c�s�ect� ��tif��� appr�v�d �� con�a�gm�c� bY . <br /> �k►e �o��� ��el all��c�l a� and £mr �ha f�.mal repoxt �� ��a� ��uste� <br /> �����.��, <br /> /! � <br /> ��EL-� <br /> � <br /> . V �� �v�. y - <br />