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IN THE COUNTY COURT 0�' HALL COIJAITY, NEBRASKA <br /> IN TI-3E NlATTER OF TI� TRUST ESTA� ) HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> �� � ORD � � L�,D <br /> � - f�l�Y1`. 1961 <br /> ED�iIARD F. �v`ITT, DECEASEB a <br /> . - � - � <br /> Now �n this llth day of I�ay, 1961, this matter came onCOUNTYJUD(3E <br /> before the Court for hearing upon the Final Report and Petition <br /> for Discharge �f E. C. Huxtable, Trustee under the Last Will <br /> and Testament of Edward F. Hewitt, Deceased, the Trustee, E, <br /> C. huxtable, being pr�sent in person and by his attorr.ey, C. E. <br /> Cronin, the b enericiary, Freeland E. Hewitt, being present in <br /> person and by his attarney, John W. Newman, and was submitted to the <br /> Court ��.pen the repert and petition and the evidencs, and the Court, <br /> after being fully advised in the premises and after due and careful <br /> consideration finds as follows: <br /> That under the Last Will and Testament of Edward F. Hewitt <br /> all of �ropezty, both real and personal, was devised and <br /> bequeathed to E. C. Huxtable as Tr��tee, he to manage and to hold <br /> the pr�pert;T foz a gexiod of ten years from and after the date of <br /> the death ct Edward F. Hewitt, and �.t the e�cpiration of such <br /> ten years to deliver +he property, �r the proceeds therefrom, <br /> to F�eeland E. Hewitt� I�iephew o� th� Aeceased. <br /> That Edward F. Hew�tt departe� this life cn the llth day of <br /> May, 195�., and the te:� years prcvi��d for in such �i�l has duly <br /> eiapsad an� expi'ed, �nd that Free'.and E� Hewitt� th� scle <br /> bene�iciary o¢ such tr�, and the s^.1� ar:d �nly persan interested <br /> ther�in� is entitlad t� h�.va the ��ist p��pe:t� torether with all <br /> �f +h� � t�?.8�Q�n ciistr�.buted to him� <br /> That �'xee�az�� E. �'��witt has f:.�e�3 hPrein a rece��t for a <br /> copy af �he F�nal �ep�rl ar�c3. Peti��an faY 31s:.ha��a, and '�as, <br /> i.x. �r�,tz�y� wL��� not�::a �� th� +:,me a�nd �l�c� �i�x1 for hearinq <br /> c�.-� ���,rh �'i�:�l R�����i �3� �'��it�cn �.��. :s�,� ���a��n�ad ���at the <br /> heazi:�� �e d�e��. at L��� ��m�, <br /> � �� - ���.�..- <br /> �;� <br /> � <br /> . F,_ <br /> - s.�_. � -; <br /> , <br /> ,..:_. �-: <br /> ;-� <br /> _. ` + <br /> . .. .. ,., , . �, ���- <br /> v ..-.-x <br />