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IN THE GDUNTX COURT �F HALL G�UNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> II+i THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE ) <br /> � <br /> OF ) FINAL i� ECREE <br /> � <br /> V��NE E. ROUSE, L7eceased. ) <br /> "I'hi� matter coming on to be he�rd this 21st day of 3uly, 19b1 on the <br /> r inal Repart of the Administr�tor, Jane Elizabeth V6i�eman� who was gresent <br /> i� ce�urt and xepreseated by her aLtarney� �iarry Grirnminger; and the court hav- <br /> in� �x�.mined the file a�d having found that du�e ana leg;ai pnblieation of notice of <br /> ��aLra h�aring was t�ad and to determine whether ciue notice wa� give:� to the heirs <br /> ��� �.�.w �,ad �.x�y aC�er intereste� per�ons, and having found that ail person� kxad bean <br /> notifiect, and havtng uroceedetl to the Final Report af the �dministrat�r; on th� re- <br /> �cxc�� an�� t�e te�timony of the Adr�inistrator the court finds: <br /> 'I'hat the t�me for filing claims in this �atate haa fully expireci, and that i� <br /> t�=•r� l�y any claim€ out�tauding and not fiied, the same are barred by �pera�iora of <br /> iavr. <br /> �'hat a full and c�mplete acccaunting vf atl assets af the estate has b�en <br /> mad� by the �'sdxrainistrator; that claims have been paid, ancl th�.t said e�tate is <br /> n�� now indebted; that gaid e�tate is noC aubject ta �tate inheritance �ax and i� not <br /> s�bject to F�cierat Estate Tax. <br /> The court ffnd� that Verne E:. Rous� de�arted this iife in �.ali �flunty, <br /> Ptfet�raska csn Aprit 15, t9bo, he being a"t that time a resident anc3 in'rsabitant of F%ai3 <br /> '_;ount�� Nebraska; that he died intestate that he ieft as his sate a:�d aniy heirs at taw <br /> the following-named persons: <br /> Jane Elizabeth �1 iseman <br /> �avid Verne Rouse <br /> Anna Catherine Margaret Rouse <br /> That in add�tion to the personat property, the deceased died poesessed of <br /> the foilowing-deecribed real praperty: <br /> Lots Four (4) and Five (5) Block Four (4j A�icCotl and L�flang's <br /> Additian to the Village of �'ood k2iver. Hzii County, Nebraska <br /> �4L/ ,. <br /> �`;�`�`� <br /> ,., <br />