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r�r Tx� co�rTY coua� c�� ��. �ourr�r, �sa�s�� <br /> IN THE NiAT2ER qF `PHE E�TATE ) <br /> 3 <br /> Q�' ) DECREE DETFRNiIIVING NO ZNHERI�ANCE <br /> ) U� <br /> AIdNA G. HARRI9, DeCeased ) <br /> BE TT R��BERED that this m€��ter came on to be Y�eard on <br /> �Ghi� � day of �� _„_, 19b�, on the Petition for <br /> i:�on of Inheritance Tax of Jahn �i. H�rris, Petitioner, filc�d herein, <br /> 3�� k,.�ve the Cour�G dstermine the in�ieritance ta�c due, if any, on <br /> �°eal estate �nd personal prog�rty of the deceased, all of which ��as <br /> held and o�med jointly with 3ohn �T� Harris, dec�ased's widower, as <br /> jaint tenants wath right of survivr�rship, at �he tir�e a.f hex° deathe <br /> �h.e �=�titianEr bein� reFresented by �is attorney, Kennetl� M, Elsc�n, <br /> �f the law firm of Luebsg Elson & 'l�racy, and an the �laiver saf Notice <br /> ��ci Stipul�tion of Gerald B. �3uechler, County xttorney of Hall. <br /> Coun�y, Nebraska, and the Cour't being fully advised in the praanis�s, <br /> fir��s a� follews: <br /> 1� That Aniaa Ge Harris, deceased, died an rebruary 17s 3962, <br /> a r�sid.ent ana inha�aitarxt of Hal� County, T��braska, and le�t �s her <br /> snlc heirs at law �ne tozio,��.�g: John �i, Harris, widower; ��iargur�i�� <br /> 'ri�rx�is `Preat, daughter; Thomas W3.11iam Harris, son; T;ildred Harr�.s <br /> �:n��l� daughter; and Fhil Dean Harrisp �r�n. <br /> 2. That pur�uant to the �r�visions of Section 77-2d1��U2(5) <br /> �t�S.�ux>pm S ].y�l, Gc�rald B. Buechler, County xttorn�y of Hall �:ountYa <br /> l�e�ra�ka, being the County in which all of the property and rea� <br /> �:�tate described in the Petition is loeated, has executed and �'iled <br /> h�r�in a �7aiver of �Iotice upon him to show cause, or of the and <br /> the �lace ��' hearing, and has ent�red a voluntary ap�earanes in this <br /> pa oce�:ding for determination of inheritance tax in behalf of the <br /> Couz�ty of Hall and the State of Nebraska, and the anly� person against <br /> �r�om an inheritance tax map or could be assessed by virtu� of the <br /> death of said deceassd, Anna G. Harris, is the Petitioner, John �i. <br /> Harris, and the Court has disg�.ns�d with the notl.ce provided far and <br /> required by Sub-Sections f2) and (3} of Section ?7-201$.t�2, R.�t.S.p <br /> 19t�3, as affiended, and has proceeded withQut delay to make a d�te�°rr:.ination <br /> -1- 5�3/ <br />