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REAL ESTATE ��NED IN-JOINTTENANCY <br /> BY NiAR� �. STA7ART AND CHARLES E. ST�nIART <br /> A tract of land and the improvements thereon more particularly described <br /> as follows: Commencing at a point on the South line of First Street in <br /> trie City� of Grand Island, Nebraska, at a point eighty-six (86) feet Easter- <br /> 1y from the Northwesterly corner of Fractional Lot One {1) in Fractional <br /> B1ock Twent�T-One {21) of Palmerts Subdivision of Lot Seven (7) :of the <br /> County Sub-division of the Southeast C?uarter (S��) of the Southwest Quarter <br /> (SWc) of Sectior. Sixteen (16) in Township E1.even (11) North of Range Pdine <br /> (9) running thence Southeasterly parallel with the titiesterly line of said <br /> ;:�ot One (1) one rundred thirty-two (132) feet to the Norther�;y- a11ey line <br /> between rirst and �ivision Streets, thence Northeasterly alo�g tne North- <br /> erly �ine oF said. a�1ey iorty-three (Z!.3) feet more or ?ess to a point <br /> �i�hteen (�8) fe et westerly from the Southeasterly corner of Zot �'A" of <br /> �!lm Place addition, thence Northwesterl.y para11e1 w ith the easterly line <br /> of said Lot "A'f One Nundred Thirty-Two (j32) feet to the Southerly Zine of <br /> First Street, the nce Southwesterly a�on� the South of First Street Forty- <br /> Three (I�3) feet more or less to tkie real place of beginning, being a tract <br /> of ground �Tith a frontage of J�3 feet on First Street with a depth of 132 <br /> ieet. Subject to a reservation �'or a right of way for a driveway on the <br /> ��iester7y iour (1�) �eet of the above d_escribed premises for the use and <br /> beneiit of the premises to the W est and inclucling the granted right-of-way <br /> for driveway over and upon the four (li) feet abutting to the West of the <br /> r�_<eretnbefore described tract, out for no other purposes and to extend on1�� <br /> irom the 1.ine oi rirst Street to the I`lar�ther�y ?ir� of the �arages located <br /> on the respective tracts� as described in a certain ti�7arranty deed i'rom <br /> �obert L. �'raker ar.o �lsie i�i. Traker, husband and ti�riie to Joe A, iyelson <br /> ti•�hich said deed is recorde� in �ook 57 oT Deecs at Fage 276 of' the records <br /> of Ha11 Count�T, :lebraska. <br /> vs 9 <br /> _7_ <br />