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IN TI� COURiTY COURT OF HALL C�UNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> IP; TH� t��TT� OF THE EST.�TE OF I <br /> : D E C R E E <br /> S��'HI:: x. SuHENDT, DEG��Si.D. j - - - - - - <br /> al��s �natter caming on to be hear� on th� �day of <br /> I�C�y, i9��, Jahn �'. ��icCarthq, Attorney for '�1.J. Sehendt, Petitio- <br /> �er, �ppearing in person, and sha�rs the Court as follo�vs: <br /> Tl�at a Petition was fYled �.n this Canrt on the �day <br /> of i�:ay, 19b2, which, among other things, praped for a t3me <br /> an� pl�ce far hearing to b� held upon the determination of <br /> ���� �11�iC:I'].�a.T1C@ ta�c. The Petition further states that the de- <br /> e;�:�:�e:<, �ophia A�, Schendt, hald in �oint �itle with �i.J. <br /> Schenut, �ritl� rights of survivorship, the fallowing described <br /> propert�r si�uated in Hall County, Neorask�, to-wit: <br /> ih� %desterly Fiity-Eight (5$) feet of all that ps-:rt <br /> �* �:?�� aoutn�rly Gne-Fialf (S�) of° Lat i�.�.�;ht (8) <br /> c�.� �l�e Countq Subdivisio� of the South :�alf of <br /> tlz�; �aoe�theaat Quarter (3�5�:�) o� ��ctiaaz Sixteen <br /> (1n), in Township Eleven (11� North, Range I�ine <br /> (�), '�dest of the Sixth P.hi., which lies East of <br /> u�:�ar Street and Itiorth of Louise atreet in th� <br /> �:3.t� of Grand Island� �dLbraska, and neing a <br /> a:;ct.�.ngul:�r tract of groaari� having a Southerly <br /> f'rontage of Fifty-Eight {58) feet on Louise Street, <br /> uzl� � depth oF One Hwidred Fartp (31;0) feet, <br /> ,,��ab jsct, however, t� Gne-hals" oi the alleq <br /> :�ixt�e.� (1�) feet in �ri�th running Eas�erly from <br /> �"edar Street throagh the center o� sai� Lot <br /> �i�ht t$) ; <br /> �l,�.luation . . . . . . . . . . . .�ZO,QOt3.00. <br /> �`ia� �iie sait� Sophia �. Schen�t, �ied on �h� 17th �av <br /> �f C3ct�'�}�r, 1�55, ii� �-Iall County, i1e�,r�:zska; and that she ap��� <br /> ?'mJ. ie��en3t, were the owners of the abov�-descrit�e� p�x°��? af <br /> �°�uI �st jte with rights of survivorship. <br /> `i'hw Co�!rt £urther finds �that the County �ttorney of Hall <br /> ``Quntyy �'ebra:�ka, has filed his voluntary appearance on behalf <br /> �.f. t'�Q County of Ha11, St�te of �tPk,ras?ca. <br /> �`i' T� 11'i2�i�Li'VI..� Qi��ER:c�D, i�JJiF�G�.J, Aia� JECkEU� i�Y 1� <br /> �::�L'�-:�a' ;;taat t��.e r�titio:�er, �a.�. Sche�.d�, and Sophia A. ich�ndt, <br /> ;��r°fw the oc�zers o� the following described pron�rty ��ith rights <br /> nf su�r�;��ivorsllip t <br /> i'he 6Jes�.erly Fi�ty�-Eight (5�) r e�t of all that par�G <br /> of ��ie Southerly Une-F�a�f (S?) of Lot �ight ��) <br /> c�i tl�e Countp Subdivision of the aouth I�al� of <br /> 'c'�e ;�ca�:'theast �uarter (S25E�) of �eetion Sixteen <br /> (1�:), iri Township Eleven (11) �Jorth, Ran�e sdine <br /> ��}, ui�st of the Sixth P.i��., which lies �ast of <br /> :�e:iar Str�e�; an:i Idcrth of Louisr a�raet iri tile � <br /> ��ity of Grand Island, :�ebraska, ancl bein� a <br /> �rectangular tract of �roun3 having a 3outh�rly <br /> trc�ntag� of Fiftp-Eight (5$) fest on Louise Stre�t, <br /> �n:� � �epth of Une Hun�3red �orty (11�0) �'eet, <br /> su'�jec�, however, to One-hali of the allay <br /> 5�.�,�een (16) fe�t in width runni�i� �as�er7.y �ro�l <br /> Ce�ar Street through the center of said Lot <br /> �i�ht(��� <br /> �4ra.lua.tion . . . . . . . . . . . .�10,000.0�. <br /> IT IS FiJRTHER �RDER�D, A➢JUDGED, AND D�CREE� BY THE <br /> COUFtT �hat from the ev3dence and the valuatfon of the property <br /> � �. <br /> �'k <br /> / <br />