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�. Tha� the Exe�utars have in their'hand� �a�i#�.t�i�3:� <br /> per�onal propsrty ass�ts cf said est�te eash i� t�e ��►au�� 'c�f ���•�'7, <br /> which, under th� tersis and provisions oP �a�.d Las� Wi3.l snd �e�tam�nt, <br /> should be dis�ributed to �re���� �i123�am Clau��n and Rob+�r� HeMry <br /> Clausen, in t�ie amcunt$ �f �ne-half' t� each, cr the sr� s�� �1+?.fa$ to <br /> George William �lausen �nd $1�7.69 �o Robert Fienr� Cl.sus�n. <br /> 6. Th�t gursuant to the pro�ision� of the Last W�,ll and <br /> 2estament Qf said deceased, one set of Texas Long I�Crns sht�uld be <br /> distributed �a Historical 5ae�ety of H�11 Countp, I�ebras�a, and ��ae <br /> re�t af the eollection fl� lifli'riS �nci ather curios sho�.ld be d�.strib�zted <br /> to George William Clau�sen and Robert Henry Clausen, �a�h recsiving a�s , <br /> undivided one-hal� interest thereir�, said personal prop�r�y constituting <br /> t2ae balance of' �.11 persenal property qwned by dec�ased at the of �i <br /> her deathe <br /> 7. That ther� is no gedeal. estate tax due by reast�n of the <br /> death of said deceased. <br /> $. That �he Court has this eiay entered an Order Determi.ning <br /> Inheritance Tax herein, finding and determing that there is no <br /> inl�eritanee tax due from George Willi,am Clausen and that th�re is <br /> an inheritance tax due from Robsrt Henry Clausen in the amount of <br /> �226.00. <br /> 9. That Hiz].da Emma Cl�usen, dec�dent, died test&te� a resident <br /> and in�iabitant of Hall County, Atebraska, on June �., 19�1, and left <br /> as her sole and onlq heirs-at-law the fo�.lowiag named persons, to-wit: <br /> (a) George William Claus�n, a�e 3b, son of d�cessed, <br /> Rout� �2, Bt�x 19�r, Gra�nd Island, AJebraska. <br /> (b) N.obert Henry Clau�en, �ge 33, 5an of dec�ased, <br /> Route #�2, Box 392, t3rand Island, Nebraska. <br /> 10, Tha� the fvi3owing described real estat� of which deceas�d <br /> died seised and possess�d at the time of her desth was, under the <br /> terms and pravi�ions of dece�sed*� Lsst Will and �estam�nt,. dev�.sad <br /> to Robert :Henry Cl�eu�en, to-v�it s � <br /> Tl�� W��t One-hal.f cf the �ou�hwest Quax��r (W�SW�) <br /> af Se�t ion Pi ht ($)s To�nrn�hip Ten (10) �iar�h, <br /> R�nge Nina (9�, V�est of Lh� bth P.M«, e�c�:ept trns <br /> rod �long the �tcrth side thereof, in Hali �Qunty� <br /> Nebrask�. <br /> lI. That the tia�e fiated by this fi�urt fcr :th� Ffliag of ��.aim� <br /> against said estate elapsed on Nov�mber 9,- 19b1, ar�d an Qrder i17.]:ow3ng ' <br /> ��` - � � <br />