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� <br /> f � <br /> 3. Tbe Oourt hae heretot'ore fixed the time for h�aring <br /> on said petiLion, and ths�t notioe af ths time and p2acse ot hearing <br /> was duly �iven Lo al� persons intereetad in aaid �etate by puDlioa- <br /> tion for three sucsoe�sivs weeks in `�he ar�nd Islancl T3eilY Independent, <br /> of 6rand I sland, Nebraska, e► lega]. newepa.per in said County and State� <br /> ae required by law, and by euah additional notioe required by lav�, <br /> and the Court now hae full �uriediation to hear and determine eaid <br /> matter. <br /> 4. �t the time of her cieath, the eaid Louisa Hurger, algo <br /> kno�n a� Lotsiee :3urger, o�ned 3ointl� pith her dsughter, Lottie <br /> Krall, peLStioner hereln, ae �oint tenanta and not as tenante in <br /> comcnan. ��ith rl�ht o2' survivorshlp, the �ersonal property desoribed <br /> in the petit3on i�ereto�ore f12ed hsrsin, from whSoh amr3unts the a�id <br /> x�etitioner has �ai� si1 gxpen��� of the l�.et illnese and funerai of <br /> said deee�.sed, inaluding �1,056.�J0 ta Livingeton-9ondermann Funeral <br /> yome, �rand Island, ;�ebraska, for funeral expensee, and :�60.00 to <br /> pa.ine i,�anw-nPnt �;ompany, arand I sland, Nebraska, tor a osmetery <br /> � marker for aeceseea. 1�1.1 expenses in .connection �eith th� laet <br /> illness �nd funeral o� decea�ed have been paici in full. No olaim� <br /> hav� .:�.-.�=n �'iled a{�ainst tnis est�.te. <br /> 5. ,�� the tlme of her dea�h, the said Louisa Hur{�er, also <br /> known a� Lou�ae �ur�er, czeaea$�d, o�vned the fee simple title ta the <br /> fqllow�.n�, descri�uec� rea2 estate, to-�i'6: <br /> ,All o� the Aiortnerly �ixty-three �nd <br /> S�venty-five Hundredthe (63.75) feet <br /> of Lot S1x (6) , in Hloak Fourteen (1�) , <br /> in 4llbert's Addition to the Ci�y of <br /> G4rand I sland, I�all C�Ounty, Nebraeka, <br /> ae �ur�ayed, platted and reaorded; <br /> that the v�lue of said propert�r 1e �9,OOO.Q�, irom which ghouid be <br /> dedusatad 'th� a�ant ot improv�met�t� personallq paid b� petitioner <br /> in the �c�m o� �/ o o a , o o , 1e�vin� t�e n�+t value of sa!d rsaZ <br /> est�►te, ae e� th� ti�� fl� t�i+� c�e�.th ot descea�ed, in the aum ot <br /> � �o 0 0. o o ; �2aa� by rrir��t� c��' '6Y�e '��rtn� o�' �he La�t Wi11 <br /> and Testamensst af ��td dec��as�+�d, ��a ��id ��fa3. ��ta�e de�cended te <br /> ' the ro11.4�in� persar�a, �d in 'the fo�.ln�in� sh�►��, to-wit: <br /> -�_ <br />� __Y:W_.___��<. �..y.��. ,...�.._...�.......,�.�.»�u.�.m�� �. _ _ �, _.��._.�.,.� .�.�..,�:� <br /> � <br /> � . ,��, . _�v.e .,v_,�. _ <br /> - - - - � <br />