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� �a Cd� L'0�� Q�" ��afi ��r �eB�s� <br /> IN THE MP,�R OF T�38 BSTA'PS ) <br /> } <br /> ' f� � �'I�►L D� <br /> } <br /> PAULINE A. ICOEFiLER� D��SASSD j <br /> Nt?W on this 18th dsy of April, 1962, thia cause e�me <br /> on to be heard on the final r�port of the Sxecutor, and on his <br /> petition for fi.nal settlem�nt, distribution and discharge of <br /> Executor, and other re].ief, azad on the evidenee, and was s�bmitted <br /> to the cou3ct, on consideration whereof the cou�t finds �hat due <br /> and legal notic�s of the time and place of heari.rig on said final <br /> aceoun�, petition for approval thereof and for final settlement, <br /> distribution of property in aceord�nee with the laet wil7. and <br /> teg��ment of the deceased� payment of fees and �xpenses, and dis- <br /> ch�rge, has be�n given to a11 per�sons inter�st+ad in said final <br /> distributio�, �es provided by 2aw. Thereupon the court b�ing <br /> fu11y advised in �he premises finds as followss <br /> 1. The final aecoun;t of the said Wal�er P. Laurit�en, <br /> Executox of the Estat� of pauline A. Koehler, Dec�ased, is in <br /> . a1.1 resp�cts just, �ru� and ccsrrect, a►nd the ea�me is accepted and <br /> conf irn�d. <br /> 2. Th� p�y�nt a� �osts and publication €��e�, f�e� <br /> n� the �t�arney and �he ex�cu�as, �►nd paymen� o� �he �xp�nse of <br /> th� Grc��by conve��n�e, �r� approved and o�dered ps�.d, atnd the <br /> final di�s�a��.but�.s�n amang th� ��e3.du�ry 1e�g�st+ee� a� ,�ta�ed in ��3.d <br /> p�t�.tie�n i� �gp�cavec� �d ore�ered m�.�►►ds ]�r �aid �x�cutar„ �� upon <br /> t�e � of re���.p��c �e�� �at3.d �u�s. �a�:t� ���eu��r ��.t��l.d b� <br /> �inaliy d3��ha�g�c�, �� '�ia l�wn�� �+�3.e��. <br /> � <br />