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f <br /> I� <br /> irI <br /> I,Q�T WILL A�iI� �'�TA�T�T <br /> � _ <br /> ' OF <br /> PAt�LI�E A. Kt�EHbSR <br /> IN T�IE A11�4E �F �411�, �Dt: ' , <br /> I, Pauline: A. RoeY�ler, a resid�nt Qf Grand Island, ' <br /> Nebraska, being of lawful age, of so�d and disposir�g mind, <br /> and not under any restrair�t, do hereby� m�ke, p�blish and de-= <br /> clare t�is to be my Last Wila. and, Te�taa�ent: <br /> FIRST <br /> I order and direct that my Executor, here'inafter named, <br /> pay al], of my just debts� e:xpense';s of last illness, funer�l <br /> and te�tamen�ary expenses. as soc��! .after my death as conven- <br /> iently may be do�e. , <br /> SE�O�TI) <br /> ..,......�.r. _ <br /> I hereby give and bequeath tl�e follc>wing; �er�sc�nal. prop- <br /> erty and money to the named persons and instit�tiorts: , <br /> 1. To N1rs. Leonard Crosby, all o€ my coaking utensils, <br /> the mirror in the hall, and the' vase ,between the t�►o tall' <br /> vases. <br /> 2. To Mr. and Nlrs. Dale Gould, my antique c�iair.' <br /> 3. To Elsie Bielfeldt, my grape-desig� rrrall flow�r <br /> vase, and my tall flower vase. <br /> 1�. To Edith Lagsding, �he unchipped water pitcher <br /> and five glasses, the decanter set. with wine glasses, and my <br /> large ct�t glas5 bowl. <br /> 5. To Anna Sehwartz, my sin�ls-set d3.among ring, my <br /> Haviland China, and mp air conditioaer. <br /> 6. To my cousin, Bertha Pankratz, th� gas stove,,' <br /> TV set, china cabinet, writiMg desk,, and my other diamond', <br /> ring, and the sum of O�e Thousar�d �3ollars ($1,000.00). <br /> 7. To Wanda Kuester, on $1,0�0.00 Government bond. <br /> P K $. To Gus Seier, my two metal la�fl chairs, <br /> 9.. To Gwendolyn K. Seier, one $l,OQ0.�0 Governme,�t <br /> Bond. <br /> 10. To the Lutheran �Iospital of �rand Island, A��br- <br /> a ska, One Thov.sar�.d Dollars (�1;�?��.00) . ., <br /> 11. To Anna Schwartz and Beritha Pankratz, all other <br /> household furnit�r�s, furnishings, a�d pers�nal. effects, ,to <br /> dispose of as I have directed or as they consider best, ex- <br /> eept that I do not want them to sell anything at public <br /> auction, and declare t�iat they shall have the Fight to sell <br /> ��y item for any figure without secuing t�ie �onser�t or ' <br /> approval of any �o�rt or p�;rson; ar�d ineltuiing, b�tt not <br /> being limited tbereto, all b�by pict�,ures, to�rels and linens, <br /> to dispose c�f as I have direc�ed. <br /> ', Pauliae �asl�ler -, <br /> : � . <br /> j <br /> '� / <br />