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__ _ . .�,,. . ._ _ ____ _- _____,..,_.,. , .�,z...� ._. :..-. � . ,_�. : . , . <br /> she be not required to furnish surety on her official bond <br /> as such Executrix. <br /> If, for any reason, my wife sha11 be unaole to serve as <br /> �xecutrix, then and in that event, I name, nominate and appcint, <br /> my dau�l-�ter, Gl.oria Grace Tussing, to pe Executrix of this my <br /> Last `�,iill anc Testament, and requ�st tnat she not be required to <br /> furnish sur�ty on h�r ofiicial bond as s�ach �xecutrix. <br /> IPJ ���`�I?='iQI�Y �`JHEr�E�F, I have hereunto set my hand this 11t.n <br /> day of Jun�, 195�, <br /> ti�itr.esses : <br /> C E Crcnin LesterL Crosser <br /> TL;�"':?TOit <br /> James I �nar.�be� <br /> ��(e , whose names are hereunto suoscribed, do hereb,y certiiy <br /> that Lester E. Crosser, tr�e tes�atcr, subscribed 'n�s name to <br /> t�"le IOT'2�011'ln 1.IISti'l1P,leI7t� consistin� Of tbtil0 Ly'p2�rir'1Lt2ri ���eS� <br /> in our presence ar.c in the presen�e a� eac?: o� us, and, at the <br /> sarn� time and iri our r�resence and hearin�, declared t��e sar;e <br /> to ne his Last adill and TestamenL, and �re, at his request and in <br /> his presenee and in the presence o�: each other, have hereunto <br /> su�scribed our numes as attestin� witnesses. <br /> C �; Cronin <br /> Of Grand lslar�d, ��e'�rasica <br /> James I 5ham�er�; <br /> Of �rand Island, .debraska <br /> H1�L`L COUT3TY, NEBi�SKr� F I L E D I'�:�1R 2 1961 CHARLES BO��Li?.'T �GU��`Y <br /> JU 7GE <br /> � � <br />