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LAST i�IILL AND TESTAMENT <br /> OF ', <br /> LESTER E. CROSSER <br /> I, Lester E. Crosser, a resident and inhabitant of Hall <br /> County, Nebraska, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be <br /> my Last Y�dill and Testament, and I hereby expressly revoke any and <br /> all .former wills by me made. <br /> FIRST. <br /> I direct that all oi my just debts and the expenses of my <br /> last illness and burial be paid as soon as convenient after my <br /> deat}�. <br /> SECO?�D. <br /> I � and bequeath to my beloved wife , Pearl Cross, if <br /> sr�.e survive me , all of my persona� property of every kind and <br /> nature azid wi,eresoever situate, tne same to be hers absolutely <br /> azld fc�rever. <br /> Tr:IPD. <br /> � r ve and devise ta r.?y beloved wife, Pearl Cross, for <br /> �,�� <br /> an�.� �.�ur�nQ her ratural life , the followino described r2al estate , <br /> to-�vi t: � <br /> The iJort:? fialf oi the rJortheast i�uarter of <br /> Section 33 , Township 11, Plorth, Ranoe 12, ;Vest of �re <br /> oth P.N�. , in Hall Coun�y, I��braska; and <br /> l�.n undivided one-half interest in the Nartheast <br /> �.�uarter of �ection 3 , Township b, North, Ran�e <br /> �U, '�Test of the 6th P.M. , Chase County, i�?ebraska , <br /> s?�ce to have th� izse and income therefrom for so ion� as she shall <br /> live. <br /> a�zb je ct tc t��e li£e estate here�nbefore devised to my ��ife , <br /> Pearl Gr�c�ss, I �i�re , devise and bequeath to my dau�hter, <br /> Glorid Grar.e T?.zssi.�, the real estate hereinbefore descriped. <br /> FOtiRTH, <br /> hl�. of t'r�,� rest, residue and remainder of my praperty I �ive , <br /> devise ar��� bequeath tc my Yvife, Pearl Crosser, <br /> FIFTH. <br /> In the evexit: of the �'eath of my dau;hter prior to my death, <br /> then and iri that ever�t, I direct that the property herein devised <br /> to my dau�h ter sha11 pass and descend to her issue , each of such <br /> issue , if more than one , to take an equal share thereof. <br /> SIXTH. <br /> I name, nominate and appoint my wife, Pearl Crosser, to be <br /> ixecutrix of this my Last 'adill and Testament, and direct that <br /> Lester E Crosser. <br /> / <br />