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� ; � <br /> � HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> ' LA3T �ITII.L ,AND TESTAI�NT ' �" I L�D <br /> f • oF A P R 3 1961 <br /> � Bffit1�HART aIESE � <br /> � � <br /> counmr�uoce <br /> � I, Bernhart �Iiese, of Kood River, Hall County, Nebraska, dc <br /> � hereKith make, publiah snd declare this to be my Last �ITill and <br /> Testament in manner and form as follcrra: <br /> � _ <br /> � FIRST <br /> : I direct mp Executor, hereins�fter named, to pay all of my <br /> ; just debts, expenses of last illness, funeral expensea and admini- <br /> ; �strative expenses as soon as can conveniently be done. <br /> SECOND <br /> � I direct my Executor to convert all propertq owned by me at <br /> the time of my death into cash, including real estate and personal <br /> ; propertp, such sale t'o be held at public auction or private sale <br /> ! as in his opinion he deems best. Such sale shall be held as soon <br /> : after my death as can convenientlp be done. I give to my Ex�Cutor <br /> � full right and license to execute any deeds and bills of �Sale � � <br /> that may be necessary xithout securing license from any Court for <br /> ; that purpose. After payffient of all items set forth in the FIRST <br /> � Paragr�ph, above, anp funds remaining for distribution I give, � <br /> devise and bequeath to the six children of my brothcr, Frank Wiese, <br /> � and the four children of my brothex� Arthur ifiese, sh�re and share <br /> alike, provided, hoxever, if any of them are not living at the time � <br /> , of my death such moneys shall be divided equally among those herein- <br /> � aboee referred to xho survive me. I make no provision for any af my <br /> brothers or sisters who survive me or for any of the children of <br /> ' my sister, Dora Rathman, or my sister, Maggie 3chlieker. <br /> THIRD <br /> I name, nominate- and appoint Charles Hu�ctable of Wood River, <br /> Hall Countq, Nebraska, to be the Executor but if for any reason <br /> he does not qualify then I request the appointment of Ray Wiese. <br /> ' • FOURTH <br /> � Having conferred in detail regarding the provisions of my Will <br /> . Mith A. J. Luebs of the law firm of Luebs dc Tlson, of Grand Ialand, <br /> ; Aebraska, I hereby r�aive all provisias of the laKs of Nebraska per- <br /> taining to privileged communications between attorneg and client and <br /> ' expressly authorize him to testify as to anp communications had xith <br /> � him regarding the provisions of this instrument wherever necesss►rp to <br /> properly administer my :estate and ze quest my Executor to eonfer xith <br /> i him xherever necessarq on matters pertaining to the probate and <br /> ; administration. , <br /> FIFTH <br /> I he�y revoke anp and all former Wills by me made. <br /> IN WITNESS WH£REOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature and <br /> executed the above and foregoing as my Last Will aid Testament in <br /> � Grand Ialand, Nebraska, this 3rd day of Novsmber, 195$. - <br /> ; <br /> ; � .�¢.��.r�� "� <br /> � ' <br /> � _l� y 1 <br />