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ix � coQx�t cov�� oF ��, coII��, r�B�s� <br /> IN '1'�iE MATTFR OF TSE ESTA� } <br /> � <br /> OF j ORDER UETT�`•RMINTIVG I1�RITANC� TAX <br /> T�iOI�SAS Tro'. TRAVER�, iIECEASED.) <br /> / ehru<<ry <br /> Ptcua an this �"� — d�.y of �, Z�b2, this cause ceme c�n <br /> far hearin� on the Petition af LiZ1i�n A. Batser, sister of' tl�e <br /> deeeaser�, f or �. determinat3:on o.f �he Ir�heritance Tax due tl�e <br /> County af I�a11 and Sts.te flf �3ebraska upan the estate of the de- <br /> ae�.s�d and it appea�Sn� to the Ccrurt that the Couratg At�orney <br /> of Ka11 �o�ntq, Nebrasks, has ��eeuted a Waiver of nat3ce to <br /> sh��r c�.use af the time �nd place of' Yiear�.n� f'or de�erminat:�.on <br /> o�' Inlaerit�nce Tax and has entered � vc�luntax�' appearanc� an <br /> behal� of the County of Hall €�nd State of Tdebraska �.nd it a�- <br /> nearin� to the Court fro� an e�amination of tY�e �'acts that tkae <br /> followin�; named persons are the sole and on3y heirs at law c�,�' <br /> ti�e cieceag�d, ta-wit; <br /> Lillian �. Ba�er, sister, Grand Island, ��ebrask�, ar�d <br /> �•3ay �3oumer, sister, Ansley, Nebraska; <br /> that the deaeased was unmarried; that tkae saic� Li311�n �. La�er, <br /> sister oP the deceased, t�as si�ned said Petitian prayin�; that <br /> the Court Inheritance Ta.� due upan the propertg of the <br /> deceaseri. <br /> And it appearing tc� the Court that the s41e and Qnly �r�o- <br /> perty of whieh the deceased died possessed was the f ol2awir�� <br /> deseribed real estate, to-wit t <br /> The Northerly Sixt�-one �61) Peet of Lot Fiae �S) in <br /> Bloc�s Ten (10) in the ori�;inal town now cit� of Grand <br /> Islsnd, Nebraska. <br /> That ssid real estate is l4aated in the city o�' Grand. Island, <br /> Ivfebrasl�a, an� it appearing to tY�e Court �ha�� the valuE of said <br /> real estate does not exceed the �um of $l�,800.pp and that tha d�- <br /> ceased held title to the satzte in �oint ter�aney with his sist�r, <br /> Lillian A. B�ker, �nd it appesring te the Court that Lfllian A. <br /> Baker 3s entitled to � $1C3,OO�.QQ exempt3on Prom Inherit�nce Tax <br /> undsr the laws o�' the State oP Nsbraska and that no Inheritance <br /> / <br />