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, ,, � , <br /> . , , ���, <br /> Lot �:ight ($}, Block Fou��esn (14)r Schimmer�s ' <br /> Add3�ion to the �itp Q� f3r�d �sl8nd, Hal� <br /> Gounty, Rebrask&; <br /> �'he Ivarth Ha1f fi��) of Seetion �oe�r (4), �own� <br /> sh�p 3`welve (12} Ncrrth, Rang� i�ine {9�s �test <br /> c��' the 6th P.M., Hall '�ounty, I�ebraska; and <br /> The 5outh Half of the Idorth�a�st �uarter (S�I���) <br /> and the North Half �af the S�atheast �uarter <br /> 4Pi�SE�) af Section Fiv�: 5 , Township 3�nrslve <br /> t �. 2) t�Forth, Range Nine ���, t�'est of �he bth <br /> P.M., H�3.1 County, Ne�r�s:��. <br /> �. That by the tex�ns of the �iill of said deceased, a11 <br /> �ust debts, expenses of last illr�ess, burial expenses, administr�ti.�v� <br /> �xpense� and aI1 estate, s�zccession and inheritance taxes were direct�d <br /> t� oe paid out of moneys on hand with the furth�r pravision th$t <br /> in �he event 'there w�s not suf�icient ttoney on �and, on depo�it i� <br /> �ry ba�k �t the t�.me of the death of, th� deca�ent to pa� all af <br /> sa�� items Lhen one-hal.£ of s8�d items rem�ining unpaid v�ere directe� <br /> ta be paid by �ieinhard Krahn a�d the other one-ha].f by Senta G. H�:�st; <br /> there thare was not sa#`ficient money �n hand on deposit irz any �a���t� <br /> ��t the t3.m� of uhe de«�h of �he deced�nt t� pay said ite�s and ��s:�; <br /> the heir� g�nd designated par� have contrib�ted such a�orant �� �:a.�� <br /> n�c��� � ry tca p�p sai� items� �ha� ths furniture, furnishings ena <br /> �c:�xtures con�ained in �he residenc� of the decsdent w�s �equeathed <br /> to ��nta. G. Holst an� ha� been del�vered to her; �hat ths sh�ar�s of <br /> stock in c�rpor�tions held by the decedsnt at the time of Y��er d�avi� <br /> hav� b�en delivered tv i+i�inhard Krohn. <br /> 90 That the real es�ate described as follows: <br /> Lot Eight ($) in Block Fourteen (I1�), Schimm�r4s <br /> Addition to the �ity of Grand Island, Hall Count�, <br /> Nsbraska, <br /> wa� devisec� to Sents G. Hols� and should be as�igned ;� her an� �tn� <br /> real estate described �s: <br /> 7.�e Sauth Hal� of the I�ar�heast t�uarter (S�I�E�) <br /> �nd the 1�orth H�3f af the Southe�st �usrter �i�����) <br /> of Section Five (5), Township Twelve (12) �;orth, <br /> RaZi�@ Nj.A6 t��� EPV@u'� �� ��lE bth P.M., I�all Count�, <br /> ltiebraska; and <br /> The North One-Half fRl�} a�' S��tion Four (1�}, Towr.- <br /> s�tip Twelve_ E12) Ivorth, Range Rine �9}, �est of <br /> the 6th P.NI., Ha31 �ountp, I�ebrasks, <br /> was devi�ed to Meinhard Krohn and .hould be assfgned to him. <br /> -2- <br /> s. <br />