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P�ar�h 1, I951 F�TITI�N OF ADMINISTREITOR FOR FINAI. SETTLEi�ENT OFICCOUN? filedz thet iwelv� <br /> m�nths h�tve elnpsed since said appointmene and your petitioner ia now dzs�so�$ <br /> of �SlV�t1� a final settlerrent of hia account. Ths heira a[ law Ar� th� seme <br /> , ae� liste�9 in the flrst petition. Pet3tioner prays that sai� fina� ad�<_nist�ats <br /> fan account mny be settled and ailowed; that proofs of heizship b� take�, and <br /> d�cree rr.nderad th�rQon, end that all things perCaining thereto may be �4na1&y <br /> aettl�d and de[errnined and the said Georac Ra�r.;bour Jr., diacharged. <br /> t�rch �t 14�i C3��R OF HEARItdG AHD NOTICE OF PETITLON FOR SILTTLEMEM' OF ACCOiDiY[' filed, �2 <br /> � <br /> iffi �xd�red that you andall parsons interested in said rna�tez� �ay and do, <br /> �app��r �t the C�,unty Court to be hsldi�n and for said �aunty on th�e 2�a�h d�.�r <br /> sf P�rch� 146Y et 10 o'cloc6c A.M. to show cause9 if any, Why the pray�r cf ti�st <br /> �t� should not bt granted, and that notic� of ehc pende�cy of �aid <br /> p�:fcfcn and the h�aring thereof be giwzn tcs all persons interested in ffiA�d <br /> rr.�tL�r by publ4cataon in t�e Columbus Dei2y T�legra�n �or thtee suecss�i�e a��k� <br /> g�i�� io 4Aid d�te of hearings <br /> ��r!;h 29, l��i Ark'I^A'JIT OF PUBLICATIOt�I ffl�d by th� �n�ral Kanager �f T}�e Co;��r.:bus ��ily <br /> 'L�I�gza�a tta�c tha notice as typ�d belot+ was publish�d in aeld n�asgs�per on <br /> A�.arch 3� 10 me�d 27, 1961 as follaas: <br /> :d 4 T I C E OF F I N A i, R E P 0 R T <br /> ",,�s the Cp�nty Caurt of Plat�e C�Un�y, t�pbrask�; <br /> ?'�t�t� ?�o. 2395 og Wi lliacn J. Je�k�nson, Dxcesaed <br /> '�h� S€at� oi t:abza�ka, To All �'ersoaea Inter�ated ir. s,mid ��t8t�, <br /> i�k� Pdatf ee: That l3Qorg� 9ta�tsour Jr, , R�ministr�tor vf th 4.':l I <br /> ' A:u,axed ?ea� fil�d a final accaunC and rtaorS of hla eeswfr.iatffatfc:sg <br /> �n� a p+Ciifon fc�+r finel sxttl�e�t and dischs.rge as such, �nd for <br /> d�texln;n�tion of the ��is'a at 1aw of gaid ciecerased, an� fer det�ra <br /> �afr.atia� of thx h�irs mt laaa ef aaid d�cemsed, mnd for �+e�e:�4nation <br /> of tnhfiY4tane. �ax 35ability in said ests�te, wh�ch hayx been s�t <br /> �'�� t���r1nR befor� seid court on t�rch 14, 1961 at 10 aFcla:� A.�!. <br /> ' �2 tP,e C�unty C urt ��, ahen you may appeaz ar.d cofltett t'ns� s��t., <br /> T3t7t��, Kaa�i 2,�1Sg1. � <br /> C. L, �:orse, County .du��e. <br /> ���A3.) <br /> �-�-10-17 <br /> P��r.�,h 7, 3'��:t r.i�'�:,:�VYT. �F !�J;:I.IWG :d0'T'ICE fflcd �a fo:l��a< � <br /> CA 7hc�va•; �'t-�tt�p �ing fir=.t ciuty s�rr. �t�y,� that h� is th� ettcs;s�p fe:a og <br /> �:r:� party t�stitvtfng oz rnalrrtain;ng ehe a5ovr cr�ticl�d :�ceiat, er pr s�«f;�g, <br /> �r� s�ic� n�cicx b3� �utslic�3tion is a�athorAzed; [hst c�ea M�..�ich 6, :Q61, <br /> �y Lf*-efg�d Sic�te� I�I�i?, a copy OT th� notic� rrquired in thi� proc�ed4�sg, �r��ch <br /> �-��tl�� vaa fi:at pvbllshed in 1'he Cp�liRDUS �31y Tel�gram an ti�rch �Q lS'6!� <br /> �� eh,2 foll.o�aing p�r[ies eddsx!ssed as shovn oppc��fte each ns,r�, t�-�rit; <br /> ..encas� Addr�s3 <br /> �is� �f�nkin�oee �ouce � �r Boac 341, Gr�nd I�3and, �������Csa <br /> �Il�ft Viala Jer�4cinsor� Yarberry Me�nrae, eDraska <br /> l,or��irae Jen�ciftsan Clerk To�n'a 'Traller Tovn, Columbu�, 'te�t�ro <br /> I.l131an JxnkSnson Holdex �4 nro�f �tbraska <br /> ' C�oFg� P.anr�o�s: Jr., 1�54 25th A�e. , Colexmatsus, �e'�g���a <br /> }eoas� �gfiant fu�Lher statas that s��ch party and its attorney, afker d4lig�r,� <br /> ��ve�tfgatfon �nd inqutry, �rxre ur.abla to ascerta�n and du not know th� po�sC <br /> o�fic� eddxe�s of r+ny oehe� pasty appearing tc have a direcc legat inLGx�e�t <br /> �n th� �bov� entitled tsction or proeeedir.g other tnan �hos� to wham notic� <br /> ha� �een s�.siled i� �rrfting es herei;�before noted, �nd ot9ear then tho�e w�nv <br /> havt in writing waiv�d such notice as evidenced by the filed herein. <br /> C. Thomas White� <br /> S�a��xibed azed �csdorn to Uefore r� this 5th dey of March, 14b1. <br /> Kathryn Mic�k. <br /> S�al Affixed> <br /> �a€�c� 2/0$ I461 �INAL �ECR� fiY�d as follos�s: <br /> tha this 24th day of March, I961, this n�atter e�r�� on to be heerd an th� ffx�al <br /> x�part and a�court of the adminiatrator CTA, his �tit��r� for fin�l �tt1�m <br /> �saent og hi� account, order far distribution of the prop+�rty �nd p�ra�l b��asf�a <br /> fag� of the est$te �nd decras af .�irship hersin ��� �ub�itted td ghe co�art� t� <br /> eonaid�ratlon �er:of, Che court :finds that due and le�al caotic� of t4a�s ti� � <br /> �nd plic� of teeagin� oee said fin�l aceouret tses been �,iv�n to all pe���sres 1n¢�x» <br /> est�� 4n a�aid estatt as provi�ed by law. <br /> �� ,� <br />