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interest in the above entitled �ctYon or proceeding other than those to <br /> �om notice has been mailed in writing, and other than those who have waived <br /> in writing, and other than [hose wha have waived in writing sucn noc�ce as <br /> �videncea by the files herein. <br />: t�c m 1�, I9 5''y QB,TECT I4NS T� APPOINTME.'VT OF EXECllTRIX f 12ed. <br /> D�c, 1�, I9§9 D�CREE oF PROBATE 4F WILL filed [hat i[ is ordered, and decreed that said wiZl <br /> wsa duly executed, and be admi[ted to probate, allowed, established, and the <br /> adminiscration be qranted to said George Rambour Jr., ss administretor with <br /> will annexed, in that objections to the appointment of the executrix aaanaed <br /> therein are herewith sustained, who is ordered to give bond in the penal sum <br /> of $3C,OOOvO(3 and upon the same beinR duly appraved and filed, the Lttters <br /> Testamentary do issue in the premises. <br /> �cn fl�9 2954 BOND AND OATH OF C-EOHGE RAMBOL'R JR., duly taken, approved and flledo I <br /> �'�� �fle ���� IET'Y'ERS OF ADMINISTRATIO;v issued to George Ramts�ur Jr., flled, <br /> ',:�e� l�, 15�Sg Q�[DE£ FOR NOTiCE TO CR�DITORS filed. <br /> t�Ca ��9 :`'��9 NOTICE TO CREDITORS filed, that notice is h�reby given that all ciafms a�;a:nec <br /> s�id �state must b� filed on or before [he 4th day of April, i96U� or be foa�ve� <br /> barr�d, end th�at e hearing on claims wi14 be h�ld fn this court on April Ss <br /> i�360, at ZO o'cl.ocic AmM. <br /> .1�n /��, 1�5(; �,�"FI�VIT OF YL'BLICATIQ�1 fi2ed by the General hlanager af The C�lumbu� �€zi9v <br /> '��ieRram that the notice es typed be2ow was pubtished in safd ne��,��p�r �ri <br /> �c��b�r 1�3a 25 enc January 2, I9b0 as follo�rs: <br /> N b T I C E T 0 C R E D I T � R S <br /> Tn the C�unty C�urt nf Platte Countya Nebraska. <br /> Estat� :v�a. 234� of Wiliiam J� Jen4cinson, Deceased. <br /> '�h� Sta�� af iaebrask�, Ta A11 concernedv <br /> �otic� 3s !�ezeby given [hat a.t claims against said esete me�:�t b� <br /> fil�d on or befo:e the 4th day of Aprii, 1960, or be forever.b�:recr <br /> and [�sz a h�aring en e2afm� wi21 �e h�ld in this court on A���1 5y <br /> 19b0 at 10 o'elack A,t4e � <br /> �te�i� 11�ce�ber 18, 1959. <br /> C. L. S'fONE, County Judg��o <br /> �SEAL) <br /> 12/19m2b, 1/2 <br /> A�;f? 5; 3'>':,C� 43Rt�R BARRIhG CIAIP§5 filesf, it !s ardezeu and cnnsidered �y ti�e Cou-r_ r_hat <br /> �ev�ry Pez�on havinR a claim ��ainst said estate not her�tofor� f :ted bc �nd <br /> h�:reby is fore��er barred trosn recoverireg suCh :{ettk�nds and :r�m setC�n�� o�f tt�r� <br /> s�me in any action whstever. <br /> 'aPy ? „ 14h0 i.`d"V�'sCO�Y fiied, si-�awinQ or�r.ership of the fo1�o=,r+n¢ real Asfate: <br /> V�luatia:t (.952� <br /> in F�latte Cou�sty, N�brasks <br /> NE� 36-1r�_3� I60 rcres <br /> $2U,327.U� <br /> South 35A of SWi SW� 36-tf3_3i�t 35. °' 4,375.Q� <br /> FC1. �� N'w', S`.:'� (9 acres) 36_18-`sw "120aQ0 <br /> I�c H.�11 Cpantr•, Neb�askA <br /> �� S�� (undivided 1%Z interest <br /> in undiv:ded 1/3 interese) Sec 2-11�1OW £3C? 1��C�0,0� <br /> 'f�at�l V�1u� of �eal Estate 2�;'�?�_�� <br /> Total V�lue of �'ersonal Fro�erty g�I � s� <br /> �?,=.u1a50 <br /> eb. 2�., I9b1 APpEARAN:;E fileds by Wflbur L. Johnson, special counsel f�r t�:e Gc;unty o: F1.a:ra, <br /> Stete of �1�brasEc� and enceres his appearance h�rein and con,en�s that Che <br /> County Couxt of Platte County, Nebr�ska may herein determine the inherit�nce <br /> tex, if any, due the Stat� �f id�b;aska en account of che ci��th o�' Williarn J, <br /> 1enkinson, de�eased ai the date of, and at the same tirr�e as the h€aring c�n t:�c <br /> adminisiracr�x a ;;:��1 report. <br />�s�'�.�: 1, lgfl F1NA�. RF_P�RT f31ed of his act� and doings as �dm3n.strator, stto�ing � ��ra; <br /> zze�ipts .re�efv�d of S�,159.�9, ar.d totst rac�ipts paiw aut of $4,726,72, <br /> cs:�dit bai�nce of $32.57 <br /> 3 <br /> ae c <br />