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IN THE C011NfY `�^.OURT ' bF PLAi.E CQUNTY� PF�BRASKA <br /> IN THE h€ATTER OF ' T1:E ESTAT@ OF' WILLIAM J. JEldKINS0P7, <br /> DEGEASE�y CASE NO. 2398 <br /> D�c. 2s 2959 Verified petition of Ellea� V. Yarberry filed, res�sectfuily shows tFsat Willlan <br /> J. Jenkinson departed this life e[ Monroe9 Platte Count�r, Nebraska on �he S[h <br /> day of Na�rch, 1952, leaving a la§t w311 and testareent as youx petitfoner i� <br /> informed; that your petitioner !s a dau�hter of the decea�ed; tha: said lE�t <br /> will and [eatament is nox on file in this caurt, huving been f11ed on th� 2nd <br /> �ay of Dectweber, 1959; tnst said �eceased was, at and iinr��+iately prlos to <br /> hfs d�ath •n inhabitan[ of P1at:ce Gounty, Stat� of �braska and that he w��a <br /> poaaesaed or zeal estate in the State �f �braska of the value uf sb�ut <br /> $40n000.60 and personal property in the su�n of $�,OOp�Qp, <br /> The heira at law of said deceased are as folio�s� <br /> Lilllan E. Holder Oti,er 2I, M,�nro�� N�bzaske I3aughter <br /> Lauise E, Bexzs " „ Grand Island, Nebsaska r+ <br /> L. Lorreine Clark " " Elms Ccurt, Columnus, Nebr, �� <br /> Ellen V. Yarberry 0° n kionroe, N�braslca +� <br /> Petitioner praya that adasinistration of estate bt gsaned to I.iliSan �. <br /> tcotacr. <br /> Id�S'f WYLL A�'D TE�TIWEKT OF WILLIAM Jo JENKI�ISON OF M�NRt1�� p1,ATT� CptJTd"�'X� �1��R.. <br /> �§� Td'x' <br /> I, WiI,LI.AM J, JEAi[CIAISON, ofHonr�se, Platte Cuuney, St�c� c�f t�t��,�gk�a �,��„� �,� <br /> se��a�td mind and �mory and considering the unceTt�ini� af �his fr�gl snd Ct�ra�� <br /> f�a:�y life, do ther�P�re ►�akeo ord�ing �ubl�s� are� d�c1a�� this e� k� a� 1��; <br /> tJIB.L A%JD 'fESTAi�IVf e <br /> P°TRST, I order end d$rect that csy ExecaetrSx hereinaft�r n��d, pay �ig �;� j;�a� <br /> debta and fun+�ral �xpenaes as aoan aft�r r�y �fecPase es convpnqQntly znay �o <br /> , SECGIv'Do After th� payn�nt of s�cn furaerel expense� and d�btap I �fv�� d�vl�te <br /> ar�d btqueati� to m� £ive daughterss Liliian E, .Jenkfnsoas Loeai�e B. ���r�, <br /> Iborrgihe C3ark, Eliea Yfola Y.rberry, a�d Alarian �, Jenkixtaom all of ih� <br /> �pxcsp�trty of whiCh I a�y di� aelzsd, share and shaz� ali��b sn�jgct io th� €�ia <br /> l��ng sar�triction, hawevert <br /> �+s lanR as any ef my said daughtermm desi�� to m�fntein • re$id�nce on th� h�rae� <br /> fa�a north of Manroe, �Eb���is�, eona4s[ing s�f �gpro�i,,,�c�iy 2to �cres �nd <br /> b�ing asl of th� l�nd � o�m in ld�braske� I dirtet �hat any oF m.v saf� ci�sa�hc�ra <br /> • nay have �id fasm and improvemanta �s � t��mp, ��rc� §h��l be �nt�ti�ed �a �11 <br /> �t ci�e rer.r.s and profies th�refrom. Aat o: the renrs eand profit�, th� d�u�ht�� <br /> r�r dau�htex� iiving on said faam st�lt pay taxe�, up�e�py anu insurar►ce �a€�d <br /> x�r�taln the bal�nce, if eny, for iheir livfng e�xp�n�es, As l�ng ss any �r�� �r <br /> ��e of my asid deughtxrs shail dtsirat Co r�talre said farrv+ as a ����is��nc�, s�itt <br /> �wx°�9 or �n� �ar� of ft, shall not be so1d, �ort���d, or encumbez��d, but <br /> sh��l, be k�pt int�ct for th� uae and ar a honr� for said daught�r o� d.�Uglettr� <br /> klvin$ th�xes Should any daugt�ter or daughter� 1��ve thg f�arm arcd ttten ��€l.r� <br /> �o re�urn �ile tl,e far�n is atill b�ing ret�ined •s � r�sid�r�ce by �ray ag e�y <br /> dau�ht�rs, ah� or ehsy �ttaA1 t���ve th� right �nd pr4�tlege of do�ng �ea, i� <br /> e�Feiets evenc ahe si�►all hav� the sam� rights and pr�vil�g�s affi i.f �h� t-�d ra�i <br /> 2�fz, I r�ai3ze ch�t my d�saghi�rs 8r� inttres2ed in horse �acix�g, and m�y `�e <br /> ��r�y fz�m horne durin� a gart of �he ye$:, �nd avch t�r��rary abs@nc� s�sall <br /> no� b� c�snsidesed es relfnq�ishis�g tta�ir riRh� cQ mgintri� their resid��rc� asv; <br /> �eTd fa�ra. It fs my expres�ed de�ia�a t;aat safd hocne £�rm b� rxt�lned i�ctact <br /> �� � h� �as tney �ttagp Iiv�s and that ft shsll nrt be �ubje�t eo p�srtitionfl <br /> ereru�branc�, or sal� as Ion� as any of said �aughtars d��ire t� 1���� t@aeFcczr, <br /> This�$ Should I not lemve seaffieieni persenal pro�erty to �sy daebts �nd ��ai►� <br /> ��afn�t my �stett, I direct that any prraona3 praperty, rrhfch I �y �vnD be <br /> �o1d firac and ntxt any r�al �t�te otl�sr thaen the hanee farm abovs dese�rib�d <br /> for t�� payment of such ciaim, and T hereby 8uthorfze and impo�r e�p e�eC��_ <br /> rix or my perss�nal representative to sell and conv�y any of suct� property <br /> a�ect�s�ry £or tht paya�nt of cisias in ord�r that the ho� faz-ee �ay be kept <br /> inc�cc a� above q�safded. <br /> L.aStly, I rnek�, constitute an�l a�point Liliian E. Jenkinson to be Execut�ix <br /> of this, my last will and tesCarnent, her4by r�voking sll farmer �aflls by � <br /> i�8 d8 s <br /> � ". _ ,'�` �HILLER ALLIED SECiJRIT1E5 CQ. Bonded Abstractez� COLUMAUS, 3'iESRJ18RJ► <br /> �--� HI <br /> �.. <br /> � �:�:.;:.::: � <br />