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case may be, who are living at the time of such trust distribution. <br /> g. In the event that the said Hall County, Nebraska, <br /> farm, which is made a part of this trust, is sold for the purpose of <br /> paying debts or expenses of administration of my estate, then I <br /> direct that whatever shall remain of the pro�eeds of the farm so <br /> sold, after the payment of such debts and expenses, shall be trans- <br /> ferred to my trustee, in trust, in place of the real estate herein <br /> described, and that in such event, the trustee is directed to in- <br /> vest said proceeds so distributed to him in income-producing property <br /> of any kind and character whatsoever as he may deem desirable, sub- <br /> ject to the written approval of Georgia A. Glenn, my wife, or her <br /> legal representative, as to such investment. The said trust pro- <br /> perty shall be administered by the trustee, and the net income <br /> therefrom shall be distributed to Georgia A. Glenn, my wife, of <br /> Hall County, Nebraska, for and during her natural life. Such pay- <br /> ments are to be made to her as often as my trustee deems desirable , <br /> but in any event not less frequently than annually. Such part of <br /> the trust provisions heretofore set forth as are applicable hereto, <br /> shall be applied by my trustee to the administration of this trust. <br /> �. I give, devise and bequeath, absolutely and <br /> in fee simple, to my three children, namely, Stella Glenn Schroeder, <br /> of Hall County, Nebraska, Elmer E. Glenn, of Hastings, Nebraska, and <br /> Earl W. Glenn, of Hall County, Nebraska, share and share alike, all <br /> of the rest, residue and remainder of my property and estate, of <br /> which I may die seized or possessed, or over which I may have� the <br /> power of disposition or appointment, including real, personal and <br /> mixed property, of every kind whatsoever and wheresoever situated, <br /> provided they are living at the time of my death; provided, however, <br /> if anyone or more of my said three children are not living at the <br /> time of my death, but shall leave one or more lawful descendants <br /> who are then living, then such surviving descendant or descendants <br /> shall take, per stirpes and not per capita, the respective share of <br /> such deceased child of mine; and, provided further, if any one or <br /> Page 7 of my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Weslev D Glenn <br /> Witnesses Initials J J B C B P B.H.P. Jr. <br />