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i <br /> or waive, bond or surety, as the Court shall determine to be for <br /> the best interests of the beneficiary of this trust, if the trustee <br /> is either corporate, or an individual who is not a child of mine. <br /> My trustee shall be reimbursed for all of his actual, necessary <br /> expenses in connection with this trust, including any travel ex- <br /> penses which may be incurred. In addition, my trustee shall re- <br /> ceive s�uch additional compensation as shall be determined to be <br /> reasonable by the Court having jurisdiction hereof. In the event <br /> that the trustee is a child of mine , it is my hope , but I expressly <br /> do not so require, that such child shall waive any fee for his <br /> services performed. <br /> c. Each trustee, however designated or appointed, shall <br /> have all of the pawers heretofore granted to my executor in Paragraph <br /> 4, of this will, except that such powers, when exercised by my <br /> trustee, sha�l not be subject to the approval of the Court having <br /> jurisdiction of this trust. and my trustee shall also have all oi <br /> powers authorized to a fiduciary under the laws of the State of <br /> Nebraska, and, in addition, my trustee shall be authorized to manage , <br /> maintain, improve and develop, to lease for periods to begin pre- <br /> sently or in the future without regard to statutory restrictions or <br /> leasing, even though such periods of leaving may extend beyond the <br /> term of the administration of the trust, and to construct and erect <br /> new buildings, wells, irrigation systems, and other betterments, to <br /> repair, alter and demolish buildings, to grant easements, to enter <br /> into contracts with respect to any of the powers granted in this <br /> sub-paragraph, and to maintain reasonable reserves for the payment of <br /> insurance, taxes, repairs, betterments, operation of the property, <br /> or for any other proper or desirable purpose. In the event of loss <br /> or d�.mage to any of the buildings or property included in this trust, <br /> by reason of fire, windstorm, or other casualty, or for any other <br /> reason, my truste�..:is authorized to use or apply the proceeds of <br /> the insurance for the repairs and rebuilding of such buildings or <br /> property, or to reinvest the proceeds in any other improvements of <br /> Page 4 of my LA�T WILL AND TESTAMENT Wesley D Glenn <br /> Witnesses Initials J � B C B P B.H.P. Jr. <br /> � <br />