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final and conclusive. <br /> 5. I give and bequeath to Georgia A. Glenn, �� wife, of <br /> Hall County, Nebraska, all of the personal property, including <br /> household furnishings, bank accounts, farm machinery and automobiles, <br /> of which I may die seized or possessed, provided that she is living <br /> at the time of my death, and in the event that she is not living at <br /> the time of my death, then this provision in my estate shall lapse. <br /> 6. I hereby give, devise and bequeath to the trustee <br /> hereinafter named, the following described real estate, to-wit: <br /> The North Half of the Southwest Quarter (NZSW4) <br /> of Section �nrenty-one (21) in Township Eleven <br /> (11} , North, Range Ten (103 , West of the 6th <br /> P.M. , in Hall County, Nebraska, <br /> in trust, for the purposes and uses, and upon the terms and condi- <br /> tions, hereinafter set forth. <br /> a. I hereby appoint Earl W. Glenn, my son, of Hall County, <br /> Nebraska, as trustee of this trust. Zf he fails to qualify, or <br /> ceases to serve, as such trustee, then I hereby appoint Elmer E. <br /> Glenn, my son, of Hastings, Nebraska, as trustee. If he also fails <br /> to qualify, or ceases to serve, as such trustee, then I appoint <br /> Stella Glenn Schroeder, my daughter, of Ha�l County., Nebraska, as <br /> trustee. If all of the above,specifically named, three persons{. <br /> fail to qualify, or cease to serve, as such trustee, then I hereby <br /> direct that the Probate Court of Hall County, Nebraska, shall de- <br /> signate a qualified trustee, which can be either an individual or <br /> a corporate trustee, to serve as such trustee. The trustee of this <br /> trust, whether male, female or corporate, shall hereafter generally <br /> be referred to in this instrument, in the masculine singular, as my <br /> trustee. <br /> b. Any trustee is authorized to resign as such trustee, <br /> subject to the approval of the Court having jurisdiction' over this <br /> trust and subject to the appointment and qualification of a proper <br /> successor trustee. No bond or surety shall be required of the trustee, <br /> if he is a child of mine. I authorize the Court to either require, <br /> Page 3 of my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Wesley D Glenn <br /> Witnesses Initials J J B C B P B.H.P.Jr. <br /> .3:,::;; <br />