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annexed, or other legal representative of my estate, whether spe- <br /> cifically named herein or not, and whether male, female or cor- <br /> porate, and whether singular or plural, shall hereafter be re- <br /> ferred ta generally in the masculine singular as my executor. <br /> : 4., I hereby expressly authorize my executor, and sub- <br /> ject to the approval of the Probate Court having jurisdiction over <br /> my estate, to do the following: <br /> (a) My executor is authorized to sell any real or per- <br /> sonal property of my estate , in the order provided in Paragraph <br /> 2, hereof, in any manner and upon such terms as he may deem best. <br /> if the executor is a child of mine , the executor is expressly au- <br /> thorized to sell any such property to himself, provided the Probate <br /> Court determines that such sale is fair and reasonaole and that no <br /> preference in price has deen given ta my executor. I further ex- <br /> pressly direct that in the sale of any interest in my Hall County <br /> farm, my son, Earl W. Glenn, shall have first preference in buyin� <br /> such farm or any interest therein, except that he shall be given <br /> no preference as to price; further, if he does not buy such farm <br /> or any interesL therein, then my son, Elmer E. Glenn, shall similarly <br /> have the second preference , and my dauohter, Stella Glenn Schroeder, <br /> shall have the third preference. <br /> (b} My executor is authorized to enter into farm leases, <br /> and oil, gas and other mineral leases, for periods of time extend- <br /> ing beyond the term of his office; provided, however, if a lease <br /> is made as to my Hall County farm property, described in Paragraph <br /> 6, hereof, or any interest therein, the first preference for leasing <br /> it, as the tenant, shall be given to the said Earl W. Glenn, while <br /> the second preference shall be given to Elmer E. Glenn, and the <br /> third preference shall be given to Stella Glenn Schroeder. <br /> (c) My executor is authorized, in the event that Georgia <br /> A. Glenn, my wife, does not survive me, to distribute the person- <br /> al property specified in Paragraph 5, hereof, to the beneficiaries <br /> entitled thereto, in' Qash or in kind, and all determinations relat- <br /> ing thereto shall be subject to approval of the Court and shall be <br /> Page 2 of my LAST WILL A�D TESTAMENT Weslev D Glenn <br /> Witnesses Initials J J B G B P B.H.P. Jr. <br /> v <br />